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Meghan McCarthy Promoted to Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

September 20, 2022


When you hear Meghan McCarthy, you may think of the correlating words being dependable, selfless, hardworking, and positive. She is a prime example of an ALKU leader. Throughout her ALKU career, she has developed powerful leaders, a strong recruiting team, and an unmatched team culture. 

Meg has surpassed goals and led the Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, & Compliance team to great success before successfully splitting the division. Since her time with ALKU, she has developed countless leaders on Pharmaceutical’s sales and recruiting side.   

Since day one, Meg has embodied ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. She has always trusted the ALKU process, consistently works to better herself, and creates a fun and engaging work environment.   

As Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Meg will oversee the Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation & Pharmaceutical Quality sales teams. She will be responsible for continuing their leaders’ growth and developing the group’s strategy and direction.  

Congratulations Meg! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role.  

“If you had asked Meg last year if she would be a Senior Manager in 2022, she might have said yes…but she definitely wouldn’t have said Senior Manager of Pharmaceutical SALES. Meg quickly established herself as a go-to recruiting manager in Pharma, someone who knew the process inside and out and was excellent at getting new recruiters up to speed. Her relationships with her people were unmatched, and she was building leaders underneath her quickly and naturally. These are all reasons most people wouldn’t be interested when asked to switch sides of the desk, but Meg jumped at it. She embraced it as an opportunity to continue growing herself and to continue growing Pharma. I have been fortunate to start working with her and am so impressed at how effortlessly she has transitioned to sales leader in such a short time. Meg is a model ALKU leader, still one of the first ones in and the last ones to leave, always putting her team and her people first. On top of her work ethic, Meg’s positivity and ability to make work fun have created a key part of Pharma’s culture. I couldn’t be happier or more excited for you, congratulations Meg!!!” – Charlie Nevejans  

“Meg!!!!! You are the definition of an ALKU role model, and I couldn’t be happier about this well-earned promotion to SENIOR MANAGER! To know Meg is to love her, and if you’ve had the chance to work with Meg, you know how much passion she has for this company and her people. She’s always making sure everyone is taken care of, and she is one of the most selfless people I have ever met inside and outside the office. Meg has been responsible for developing many successful careers at ALKU, and you can often find her on the floor coaching and motivating her employees to greatness. Thank you for always being such a reliable, engaged, and positive leader. It goes such a long way, and I have seen all of these traits now extend to those you manage. It is no surprise that the cultures in Pharma Quality & Pharma TE&V are stronger than ever, and you truly do always put the people before the business. When Pharma needed a leader to step in and take charge of the Sales side of things, you were an easy choice not only because of how adaptable and strong you are as a leader but because of the relationships you built on both sides of the desk. I know the entire Pharma brand can always count on you for help if needed, and additionally, we can always count on you to make our days a little brighter. I am so proud of you, and thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. This new title fits you well, and I know you will succeed in helping to drive the Pharma brand to the next level!!” – Tyler Boyle 

“Congratulations, Meg, on such a well-deserved promotion!! When you talk about someone who has sacrificed so much for the company for an opportunity, you talk about Meg McCarthy. From day one, she has given 100% to her team before herself time after time. She is one of the company’s most caring leaders and has every one of her employees’ backs. Meg initially was on the recruiting side, building one of the strongest recruiting teams in the company. She helped grow Pharma QVC before dropping it all and switching sides of the desk. She took on a new challenge of switching to Account Management even though she had zero experience in sales. Surprise, surprise, she was fantastic at that too. She has quickly stepped in as the Senior Sales Manager over Pharma TE&V and Quality. She has successfully gotten our new Sales leaders up to speed along with helping Pharma’s continued success. I am so proud, happy, and excited for you, Meg!! I know our sales team is in excellent hands, and I cannot wait to see what is ahead of your next in such an impressive career. CONGRATS!!!!!!” -Nate Hoffman