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Mentoring Month: Dan Alberico and Madison McCarthy

January 26, 2024


Two people talking.

Prior to being in ALKU’s Futures Program, Internal Recruiter, Madison McCarthy knew she wanted to be a part of ALKU’s Leadership. Her Mentor and Recruiting Director, Business Applications, Dan Alberico has not only helped her get closer to this goal but has inspired the type of manager she wants to be.

Sights Set on Leadership

Madison joined Futures in May 2023, driven by a deep-seated aspiration for leadership. Her commitment to this goal, coupled with a desire for a Level II promotion, reflects her dedication to continuous improvement. The recent collaboration with an Internal Recruiting Intern has further ignited Madison’s passion for management – a passion fueled by her love for teaching and witnessing the growth of those around her.

Management Inspiration

Under Dan’s mentorship, Madison gained valuable insight into the kind of manager she wanted to be. Known for his vibrant personality and role as a culture carrier, Dan’s influence extends beyond these attributes. To quote Madison, “He is one of the most real people I have ever met and makes me feel seen and heard, and that is exactly how I want to be as a manager.”

A Guiding Force

Dan, reflecting on his role as a Mentor, emphasizes the importance of listening, providing perspective, and generating actionable items. Madison’s growth is apparent, from enhanced mentorship skills to an increased leadership role in metrics. What stands out for Dan is Madison’s genuine care for her job and team, coupled with her openness to feedback and commitment to constant improvement.

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