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Mentoring Month: Emma White and Emily Charette

January 08, 2024


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In June 2023, Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Scientific Recruiter, Emily Charette joined Futures, and over the past six months, she has made significant strides. Her mentor, Emma White, has played a pivotal role in supporting Emily’s growth and challenging her to reach her career goals.

Emily’s Professional Growth

Part of the Futures Program experience is being pushed outside of your comfort zone. As a mentor, Emma’s instilled confidence in Emily to go beyond her comfort zone. Emma has been a source of support whether it’s problem-solving or celebrating milestones. One of Emily’s favorite aspects of Emma’s mentorship is the diverse perspective she brings. Coming from a different division, Emma has offered new ideas and tips, giving Emily a new approach to handling conversations and situations.

Emma’s POV

Shifting gears to Emma’s perspective, in the time since becoming Emily’s mentor she’s witnessed significant growth in Emily’s self-awareness. She’s recognized her strengths and weaknesses and is passionate about becoming the best version of herself. Each time they meet Emily does a great job of recapping her efforts on tasks set in the previous week’s meeting. Emma’s favorite aspect of mentoring Emily is her transparency and genuineness.

Career Goals

Emily has set short and long term goals for herself while she’s in Futures. She aims to continue her success as an individual contributor, with the goal of hitting a new sales milestone. In the long term, she aspires to lead the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Scientific team as a Manager on the recruiting side.

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