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Mentoring Month: Hannah Marsh and Markie Newhook

January 25, 2024


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Executive Assistant II, Markie Newhook sheds light on her year-long experience in the Futures Program and the impact of having Client Services Manager, Hannah Marsh, as her Mentor. Beyond the professional realm, their mentorship has fostered a deeper connection, providing a space for discussions about career goals, future planning, and leadership advice.

Hannah’s Immediate Impact

Hannah, thriving in ALKU’s Leadership, wasted no time sharing the abilities that got her there with Markie. Their initial meeting, steering toward the topic of business plans, showcased Hannah’s dedication. Hannah not only shared her own experiences but walked Markie through the intricacies of writing a business plan; this left Markie impressed and Hannah’s genuine commitment to her success was evident.

Futures Goals

Markie’s career goals within Futures include developing comfort with public speaking, strengthening relationships with teammates, and honing strategic thinking. Hannah plays a pivotal role in steering Markie toward these objectives. Through insightful questions and relevant examples, Hannah empowers Markie to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

Markie’s Skyrocketing Growth

As Hannah reflects on Markie’s growth under her mentorship, she describes it as “skyrocketing.” Since 2023, Markie has evolved into a confident leader, not only in her abilities but also in her team. Markie’s ability to navigate challenges with composure and make confident decisions is a display of her growth. Witnessing Markie grow as a leader and her confidence take-off has been incredible for Hannah to see.

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