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Mentoring Month: John Bull and Dayne Herron

January 04, 2024


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Mentee Perspective

Recruiting Director, Enterprise Solutions, John Bull has been Billing Administrator II, Dayne Herron’s Futures Mentor since 2022. Under John’s mentorship, he encourages Dayne to set the standard instead of letting someone else set it. His favorite thing about having John as Mentor is his genuine interest in his development and career at ALKU. As much as he has on his plate, John always finds time to encourage and provide learning experiences to better his career.

Mentor Perspective

The second John met Dayne, he made strides to get to know him better. John had Dayne walk him through his average day and learned about the different portals, tools, processes, and scenarios Dayne works through daily. On a personal level, John learned how engaged and committed Dayne is to making a positive impact on ALKU and everyone he crosses paths with.

Future Growth

Dayne has set career goals to achieve with John’s support whilst in Futures: becoming an expert in his role (specifically becoming a point of contact for all of Billing), gaining leadership experience from his Mentors (shoutout Georgia, Danielle, and now John), and applying their experiences to his journey. Dayne is a firm believer that if you stop learning, you become stagnant, and his goal is to find new processes and learn from other groups.

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