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Micaela Damiano: AWE Leader Spotlight

March 11, 2022


Why did you apply to be a part of the new leadership of AWE?  

I applied to be a part of the new leadership of AWE because I want to pave the way for females within the company to achieve their goals and continue to create a group for females to be comfortable to talk about their strengths, weaknesses, or anything they are experiencing at ALKU. I am proud to be a part of the leadership of AWE and excited to contribute to ALKU’s first employee resource group!  

How do you support women in your community or at ALKU, or both? 

When I first started at ALKU I was one of the few females on the revenue side. This was very intimidating, and it taught me how important it is to support and uplift other women both within ALKU and in everyday life. As a female leader at ALKU I support other females by celebrating all goals that I know they are working towards and by being someone they feel comfortable talking to about anything they are experiencing. To me, an important way to support women within ALKU is by holding them accountable to their goals and giving them advice along the way. As women we are all in this together and empowering each other is key! 

What is a new idea or initiative that you plan to bring to AWE? 

A new idea/initiative that I have for AWE is finding a way to break down the meetings into smaller groups. As AWE continues to get bigger, naturally not everybody is able to speak up. If we break the meeting down into smaller groups, this will allow those who typically don’t speak up the setting to do so.  

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?  

International Women’s Day to me is a day to spotlight and celebrate women’s accomplishments and contributions to society. It is a day to remember and honor all the women who advocated for equality. To me, International Women’s Day is a time to be proud. I think it is important to reflect on all the women who have inspired you and made a positive impact in your life and continue to pay it forward. We have so much to be proud of and I’m honored to celebrate all the women before me who paved the way. 

Who is an ALKrew role model of yours that inspires you?  

When I think about who I want to be as a leader, Kathie is the first person that comes to mind. The way she carries herself as a leader in every situation inspires me to be at my best at all times. As the founder of AWE, she has been the trailblazer for women like myself to grow into leadership roles at ALKU. Her dedication to being unapologetically herself is something I have always admired. Not only is Kathie dedicated to her craft, but her humor and relatability make her easy to talk to and learn from. She has the ability to break down walls and create a path for the rest of us to follow. Every time I get the opportunity to be in the same meeting as Kathie, I try to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I aspire to one day have the respect and track record that Kathie does as a leader at ALKU! 

Favorite quote said by a woman of influence or a woman in history?  

“The formula of happiness and success is just being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.” – Meryl Streep 

Best advice you could give to a woman starting at ALKU? 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable! It is important to take risks and challenge yourself for your personal and career growth.  

What is your guilty pleasure? 

After a long day sitting on my couch scrolling through Tik Tok 🙂