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Micaela Damiano Promoted to Senior Director of ERP Recruiting

March 15, 2022


Micaela Damiano started her career in 2013 and has been a pivotal piece to ERPs success over the years. Micaela was the first female Revenue Director at ALKU and is viewed as role model to many. She has developed some of the top managers at ALKU and continues to be an asset by leveling up the ERP brand every day.

In 2020, Micaela was tasked with helping with the Oracle group and facilitating the split between Oracle and Kronos. She is now involved with all groups with the ERP Brand and had played a huge role in the Enterprise Solutions and Business. Micaela has accomplished an immense amount over the years and continues to make more opportunities for those around her. She is someone that everyone at ALKU can look up to and emulate.

In her new role, Micaela will lead the Recruiting side for the entire ERP Brand. She will continue to focus on developing Recruiter leaders within ERP from Futures all the way to the Director level. She will be responsible for the overall Recruiting strategy and oversee any new start up or splits within ERP. Additionally, she will continue to play a big role within the ALKU leadership team and make a huge impact within Recruiting across the company.

Congratulations, Micaela! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“If you look around any group in the ERP umbrella, you can see the impact and positive influence that Micaela has had on the ERP brand over the past 8 years. Since she has been in management, Micaela has consistently developed some of the best managers in the company. One of Micaela’s greatest strengths that isn’t always visible, is her ability to execute on a plan or idea. Micaela was a driving force in splitting ERP into BizOpps and Enterprise Solutions to create more opportunities for everyone in ERP. She is someone who anyone in the company can look up to for the way she develops, cares, challenges, and creates opportunities for anyone she works closely with. Throughout Micaela’s career, she has been part of startups, splits, and even turnarounds. The one consistent theme is that every group and person is better off when Micaela plays a part in it. MIKE- Can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for ERP and for keeping James and myself organized, disciplined, and never allowing any procrastination. Congratulations on your promotion to Senior Director!! This is another challenge that we all know you are going to crush and another step on your journey of taking ALKU and ERP to the next level!!” – Nick Vignone

“Micaela has created one of the strongest recruiting leadership teams in the company. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with those who work with her, and her teams are extremely loyal. She has successfully built multiple ERP divisions and has continued to provide a vision for ERP. Additionally, Micaela is willing to help solve company issues and provide value to those outside of ERP. Corporate and Talent leaders enjoy working and collaborating with Micaela. Please join me in congratulating Micaela on her promotion to Sr. Director!”- Andrew Bull

“Micaela has been on a meteoric rise since the day she started. She came in, worked hard, followed the process, and had immediate success. That success allowed her to be involved in starting Workday from the ground up. It was an emerging market that was not easy to navigate in the beginning. However, Micaela was the right person to help start it. She was able to get a handle on the crazy candidate market to lay out the foundation that got Workday to where it is today. Her success has given her the opportunity to take on more. She has continued to impress every day and that makes this promotion well-deserved and not surprising. Congratulations, Micaela!” – Jon Kujala