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Michael Tardanico Promoted to Senior Medical Device QA Recruiter

May 08, 2024


In 2021, Michael started his ALKU career as a Medical Device Recruiter with no prior Intern experience. Without hesitation, he jumped right into his role, giving it his all and continuing to grow through any challenge thrown his way. As a recipient of ALKU’s Recruiter of the Month, Michael has an impressive spread high and has made the ALKU achievement of going on the company’s annual Founder’s Club trip. As someone dependable and hard-working, Michael has consistently been someone his Leadership team can lean on; his consistent metrics, deals, and leads speak for themselves when proving his true leadership skills and ability to implement success to those around him.

Outside of his role, he has participated in multiple volunteer opportunities to give back to local communities, including ALKU’s annual Julie’s Giraffes fundraiser, events with Boston Food Bank and Lazarus House, as well as attending multiple ERG meetings as a guest to learn more about ALKU’s DE&I initiatives. As someone who is always willing to go above and beyond for everyone around him, Michael is more than deserving of this promotion, and we know he will continue to lead the Medical Device QA team to success. In his new role, Michael will continue to be responsible for driving activity and leads for the team. While being a go-to person for the team and leading by example, he will work with Account Managers on new processes for Recruiters to provide more business.

“Mikey!!!!! What a journey it has been over these past 2.5 years, huh?! You have been such an amazing addition to the QA squad. From day one, your go-getter attitude, early mornings, late nights, and overall dedication to your team have been one of my favorite things to watch. A spread high and this Senior Recruiter promotion is only the beginning of the endless accomplishments you will have in this role. Nothing is more rewarding to a Manager than seeing their employee come in and completely change the outlook of their lives – you did that, Mike! I couldn’t be prouder of you, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us! QA loves you to the moon and back, Mikey!!” – Recruiting Manager, Medical Device Quality Assurance, Desiree Drummond-Mayrie

“Mikey T, LLC! I’m so happy to be congratulating you on such a well-deserved promotion. Thinking back on how much you have accomplished over the years is such a joy, and I am so proud to finally be calling you a SENIOR Med QA Recruiter. I remember our lunches two summers ago when you were just under one year into the job, struggling to keep your AWO afloat. You were dealing with situations that would have derailed most employees’ confidence, and this was all happening when massive role changes within the brand were affecting your role. You were forced into the role of one of our ‘go-to’ Recruiters seemingly overnight. It was in 2023 when you really found yourself and became THE guy! When an Account Manager sees your sub come through, they know they have both a glove fit and a closed candidate. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you in this new role. You are a great Recruiter, a great man, and most importantly to me, a great friend! Congratulations, Mike ‘Senior’ Tyson!” – Recruiting Manager, Medical Device QA, Brian Shirley

“Mike!! I am so happy for you, man. You have fought and scraped every step of the way, and this promotion is a perfect testament to your resilient mindset and approach to this job. Over the past few years, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you and see you grow into the Recruiter you are here now. Everyone on the team loves you because you are authentic to yourself and show up every day, ready to get to work. Med QA would not be where they are without you playing such a crucial piece to their success. Congratulations on the Senior Recruiter promotion!!” – Recruiting Director, Medical Device, Alex Parenteau