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Michelle Cloutier Promoted to Senior Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific Recruiter

April 27, 2022


Michelle started her ALKU career in January of 2019 as a Regulatory & Scientific Recruiter. She was the second recruiter to ever join the team and helped to grow this start up. Since then, Regulatory & Scientific split, and Michelle moved to Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific where she was tasked with building an entirely new base from scratch.

Michelle is always someone who is willing to help others by going above and beyond. She is an incredible role model to absolutely anyone she encounters. She has a positive attitude, always ready to take an adventure and is gifted with creativity.  Michelle always has a joke up her sleeve and can easily make anyone laugh. Additionally, she is an active member of ALKU Women Empowered (AWE) Employee Resource Group!

In her new role, Michelle will continue to be a driver on the Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific recruiting team and help grow the group to the next level. She will continue to mentor and lead recruiters on the team.

Congratulations, Michelle! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Michelle!!!! Congratulations on a VERY well-deserved promotion! Absolutely no surprise here! Michelle has had tremendous success throughout her career at ALKU. From basically getting Regsci off the ground as a start-up, to splitting off into Pharma-RS and building an entire new base, you can truly do it all. We’ve thrown a lot on your plate over the past year, and you’ve handled everything with ambition and a smile on your face. You’re a role model to the team and someone we can all confidently depend on. You’re resilient, caring, extremely talented and I feel lucky to work with you every day. I’m so excited to watch you grow into this role and I already can’t wait to see what’s next for you. LET’S GO MICHELLE!!! Cheers to you!  “-Emily Carolan

“MICHHHH!!!! LET’S GOOOO. Congratulations on a very well-deserved promotion!! I am so excited for you, and I know this has been something you have been working towards for a long time.

Time after time, Michelle delivers in the clutch, coming through with that stud candidate for a last-minute interview slot, and leading by example grinding on those tough CMC skillsets. She is the go-to recruiter in every aspect, and you can truly count on her. She is a true role model for our new recruiters in Pharma RS and the anchor of the group. That is exactly what the Sr. Recruiter title means. Reliable, consistent, leader-by-example, and that is exactly what Michelle embodies. Congratulations again, Michelle! Time to celebrate!!!” – Nate Hoffman

“Michelle!!!! You did it! Congratulations on this well-deserved promotion to Sr. Recruiter. You have worked so hard to get to this point, and no one ever doubted that you would get here. You have seen so much success since starting with ALKU, and I know you are only going to keep achieving milestones throughout your career here. I am excited to see all the spread highs for years to come. Over the last few years, you’ve had a ton of changes thrown your way in terms of RS splitting and having to build an entire new database (pretty much from scratch), working under new leadership, and being one of the most senior individuals in your group. You have kept your head up the entire time while also keeping your spread moving in the right direction with a great attitude. Not only have you been great at running your own desk, but you are a great example to Emily & Maggie, and you always take the time to help anyone out when needed. You should be proud today and every day of all your accomplishments. Congrats on being Pharma RS first Sr. Recruiter – I know you’ll wear your new title well!” – Tyler Boyle