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Mike King Promoted to Senior Manager, Training Center Strategy

April 17, 2023


Throughout Mike’s ALKU career, he has always been willing to do what is necessary for the company. First, he accomplished being a Recruiter. Then, when Pharmaceutical needed more Account Managers, Mike was willing to step up to the challenge to start from scratch to take on the new challenge before moving to Harrisonburg, Virginia, to open ALKU’s Harrisonburg Training Center. After two successful years, Mike returned to Andover and opened ALKU’s second Virtual Training Center.  

Since joining the Training Center team, Mike has been the best at getting college students to love ALKU and joining the company full-time following graduation. He has successfully brought 40 Interns into full-time positions at ALKU. Mike has an exceptional personality and is willing to take on new challenges to best support ALKU.  

Mike is one of the most well-known employees at ALKU and has close relationships with everyone at the company, from Interns to Executives. He is incredibly upbeat, personable, and always has the best jokes. He is an individual who has created AKLU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture from the ground up in new offices.  

In his new role, he will be a liaison to Revenue, communicate between Revenue Management and Training Centers, and create and update the process for ALKU’s Training Centers. Additionally, he will work with every Training Center on retainment, engagement, offer acceptance, and more. 

Congratulations, Mike! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“Congratulations are in order for the One and Only, Michael “Ming” King.  Anyone who has been at ALKU for any period of time knows who Mike is from his contagious personality and distinct Mike King laugh. Since starting here, Mike has been a relationship builder, both internally and externally.  He has more close relationships and friends here at ALKU than most, and he is always the first to break the ice and introduce himself. Mike is someone who has always been willing to do what is asked of him.  He started as a successful Recruiter for the Pharma squad. When the team needed more Account Managers, Mike rose to the challenge, made the switch and started from scratch as an Account Manager. When the TC Team needed someone to relocate their life and open up the brand new Harrisonburg Training Center, Mike raised his hand and stepped up to the challenge.  Mike did an unbelievable building our reputation, establishing the pipeline, and creating an amazing ALKU culture at James Madison. After two years of bringing in Interns, Mike returned to Andover and established our 2nd official VTC.  Mike used his great personality and enthusiasm to get Interns from around the country to want to work at ALKU.  Mike will bridge the gap between the Training Center and Revenue teams in his new role.  Mike will help every TC office engage, develop, and retain more and more Interns and get ALKU more full-time employees.  Mike is extremely deserving of this promotion and new opportunity; I am excited to see how far he takes the new role and the TC Team! Congrats, Mike!” – Senior Director, Training Centers, Andrew Regan 

“Mike King, Mr. Shiny Suit himself. Congratulations on a very well-deserved promotion to Sr. Manager! Mike is the perfect example of a company guy. Move to Pharma? Done. Ask him to switch to sales? Done. Move to VA to start up JMU? Done. Take a chance on a new role? Done. Time and time again, Mike has chosen the company over himself and has made huge impacts along the way. Mike is someone that people naturally gravitate towards with his fun, easygoing personality. Take that personality and put it in front of Interns and potential candidates; you have a recipe for success. Mike is one of the best in selling ALKU, the opportunity it provides, and what it takes to succeed. I have been lucky enough to work directly with Mike in both a recruiting and sales capacity. The energy Mike brings to the table is electric, and he has always made coming to work fun. The interns and all of ALKU are lucky to have someone like you, Ming! Congratulations again!” – Senior Sales Director, Pharmaceutical & Government, Tarah Lovato 

“Ming Ming Ming! The Draft King. JMU TCs Founder. The leading candidate for best flow in the company. And now Sr Manager, Training Center Strategy. Congratulations, my friend, this is well deserved. Mike is one of the few that can say they have helped start a Training Center. We all know how pivotal TCs are to ALKU’s success, but it is the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making them so special. Mike was instrumental in building the ALKU name on campus at JMU and launching class after class of top-level talent. Mike’s strengths are his ability to build relationships, keep things fun, and see the bigger picture. He has a way of making things better. In this new role, I know he will thrive because of his eagerness to make the people around him better. To see how far the Training Centers have come, both on-site and virtual, this role will be critical to ensure we continue enhancing our vision and implementing new ideas. Mike is the perfect person to lead this initiative. Congratulations, Kinger!” – Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Talent Development, Dennis Kapsimalis