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Molly Terry Promoted to Workday HCM Recruiting Manager

December 06, 2022


Molly started her ALKU career in August 2020 as a Recruiter in Workday HCM. Since the beginning of her career, she has proven to be exceptionally special. She is a natural-born leader, hardworking, and passionate. All qualities that make her incredible in her role. Molly is more than deserving of this promotion because she is always stepping up and helping her team to grow and succeed.   

Throughout her career, Molly has led two new recruiters; helping them to achieve multiple goals. Additionally, she has grown and developed herself and led HCM to new heights. 

Molly’s peers describe her as calm, cool, and collected. She is incredibly approachable and dependable. She can bring her group together and cheer one another on with her high and positive energy. She has done an incredible job creating the culture in the Workday HCM group.   

In her role, Molly will be managing all Workday HCM Recruiters. She will be responsible for strategizing future plans for Workday HCM and assisting the Workday HCM Sales Manager in the growth & development of all new employees. 

Congratulations, Molly! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in your new role!   

“Molly Terry… where do I even start. Since the moment you joined the Workday HCM team in August 2020, I knew you were something special. Although we don’t often like to speak of “those days” in the beginning, those days are when you immediately proved you were in this for the long haul. Your grind has always been one of your biggest strengths, and it has only intensified as you’ve grown as a recruiter and even more as a leader. Everything you have accomplished in your two and a half years has been a true testament to your hard work. Your true talents have come out even more as you’ve been in leadership. As a desk-level recruiter, you always could keep your cool no matter the situation. This has translated to you consistently keeping a steady head when faced with any challenges as a leader. You are one of the most approachable people at ALKU, and your internal relationships represent this as you have expanded far outside the HCM division. I could go on for days about how proud I am of you and how well-deserved this promotion is, but for now, that’s a wrap. CONGRATS MOLLY TERRY! (I imagine this is going to be one of those promotions where everyone says, “wait wasn’t she already the manager?” and that’s how you know you’ve truly done it!).” -Emma White   

“Molly, CONGRATS! The first thing I think of when I think of Molly is Cool, Calm, and Collected. For those of you who know Molly personally, you know she is someone that leads by example while always keeping a steady head on her shoulders. Molly approaches every new situation with a positive, go-getter attitude that her team gravitates to. She has done a phenomenal job getting two of her new recruiters to new heights! Since I started working with Molly, she has been pivotal in building Workday HCMs recruiting team and making it look easy. Molly continues to lead from the front. I can’t wait to see you continue to succeed as the Workday HCM Recruiting Manager! Congrats Molly!” – Devon Sittler  

“Molly Terry! Recruiting Manager!!! Molly has been such a pivotal member and leader in Workday HCM over the past two and a half years. Starting her career during the peak of Covid, Molly persisted through remote trainings, office closures, and Zoom happy hours to emerge as one of the strongest recruiters in the company. But all that success never went to her head. If you’ve ever worked or even chatted with Molly, you can tell how present she is with every interaction. Molly is poised, confident, approachable, and truly caring as a leader. Her ability to develop relationships internally and externally has helped launch Workday HCM (and herself) forward as she paves the way for the next class of rockstar recruiters. Congratulations, Molly Terry, on your Promotion to Workday HCM Recruiting Manager!!!” – John Bull