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Monique O’Brien Promoted to Director, Accounts Receivable & Cash

June 17, 2024


After starting her full-time ALKU career as a Recruiter in 2013, Monique transitioned to ALKU’s Corporate team in 2015 as the first Client Services Administrator, finding her true calling in Cash Management. Through her hard work and passion for growth, she strategically created the reconciliation function of ALKU’s Cash team and grew it into a department, splitting Cash into two focus areas: Application and Reconciliation. Over the years, Monique’s attention to detail and process-driven nature have helped the Cash team handle many curve balls; she has worked with her team to restructure their processes in response to client changes and complexities while building her extensive knowledge of ALKU’s client base. Her ability to think outside the box and look at roadblocks as challenges has made her team a well-oiled machine.

Monique’s professional accomplishments extend far beyond her direct role. When she’s not overseeing ALKU’s weekly amount of cash posting, she’s serving as an ALKU Parents ERG and ALKU Women Empowered ERG member. Monique has always fully embraced ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture. Whether it be riding in the annual Rodman Ride for Kids in honor of Mass Mentoring Partnership, participating in quarterly meetings, or volunteering with her team and coworkers, there is not a day that goes by where Monique is not giving her all to help those around her. In her new role, Monique will continue to oversee the Cash Application and Reconciliation departments, helping to streamline their processes and think of creative ways to automate them. In addition, she will also oversee ALKU’s Accounts Receivable group, working with them to review processes and identify areas of improvement to ensure a strong cash flow. In her 11 years with ALKU, Monique has developed solid business relationships and an incredible understanding of our client operations. Her experience will be vital in supporting the continued success of the Cash and Accounts Receivable teams. Congratulations, Monique! We cannot wait to see all that you accomplish in this role!

“I am so excited for and proud of this announcement.  I have had the pleasure of working with Monique O’Brien for the last ten years.  In fact, she is my first partner in crime, the first person to join me in Accounts Receivable. We have shared lots of CRAZY moments and laughs here at ALKU.  When people ask me to describe Monique, I always answer that she is hard-working, supportive, competitive, funny, and passionate.  Monique is the type of person that gives 100% to everything she does. She does not give up. Her attention to detail and process-driven nature have helped the Cash team handle a lot of curve balls over the years and become successful.  She leads by example and is a natural problem solver.  She thinks about the big picture and how her role and departments affect others, and her passion for her job and team will now include the Accounts Receivable group! In her eleven years with ALKU, Monique has developed solid business relationships and an understanding of our Client Operations process. Her experience will be key in supporting the Cash and Accounts Receivable teams’ continued success.  I am very excited for your next chapter and look forward to continuing working with you and seeing you take these groups to the next level!!! Congratulations on this well-deserved promotion, Director Monique!!” – Vice President, Client Operations, Jeanine Morgan

“I have been lucky enough to know Monique since high school circa 2007, and yes, I have been scared of her since 2007. All joking aside, this promotion comes with zero surprise. Over the past eleven years, Mo has played an essential role on the Client Operations side of things and with the sales teams when she first started. Monique is a team player and will always do what is best for the team, which I have always admired. Thank you, Mo, for all that you do, and I look forward to working together more in the future!!! CONGRATS, MONIQUE!!!!!!!”  – Senior Director, Billing & Client Services, Walter Gillis

“My girl Mo… shouting from the rooftop the biggest CONGRATULATIONS to our newest DIRECTOR!!!! Gosh, it feels great to say that! There truly isn’t someone more deserving of this incredible next role and major career opportunity than YOU! Our paths at ALKU (while wildly different) have created a unique bond that I am lucky to share with you!! It all started six or so years ago in our notorious and infamous ALKU Quarterly Meeting days when our paths originally crossed as we were thrown into the fire together while planning a quarterly meeting… who knew that would be the start of an incredible friendship? From there, we started working more closely on all things Cerner CASH related (which unfortunately has had its fair share of fun situations to navigate!!!). As you moved into a more Senior level position, I thought our days of working close would come to an end, but as fate would have it, we became closer than ever when the reigns of the Parents ERG were passed down from Leah to me, you, and Nate (quite the triple threat, I might say!!). We have shared some REAL-LIFE experiences that have made our bond super special. You are one of the most GENUINE, REAL, and KIND people I am lucky to work alongside and SO INCREDIBLY DESERVING of all the great things that come your way at ALKU and in life. I am SO HAPPY for you, my friend!!! Congratulations again on earning this huge opportunity! AR and CASH are incredibly lucky to have you leading the charge!!!!” – Senior Sales Manager, HCIT, Rachel Farmer