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Nathan Hoffman Promoted to Director of Pharmaceutical Recruiting

December 01, 2022


Nathan started as an ALKU intern at the Durham Training Center. He began his full-time ALKU career in June 2017, and since being an intern has followed the ALKU process and worked incredibly hard in every position he took on. Nathan is described as being accountable, positive, and a team player. He remains calm, cool, and collected while consistently leading by example for his team. Nathan is an incredibly high individual performer.   

In 2020, Nathan stepped up to assist Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Scientific and again with Pharmaceutical Analytical Research and Development in 2022. He did so while supporting a split in Pharmaceutical Quality, Validation, and Compliance. Additionally, he now oversees Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering & Validation, and Quality.   

Nathan is exceptionally hard-working, patient, humble, and kind. He is always asking what he can do more and what he can do better to help his teams grow and develop.   

In his new role, Nathan will oversee Pharmaceutical Analytical, Research & Development and will be responsible for all Pharmaceutical and company recruiting while providing strategy. He will continue to develop leaders and future leaders.   

Congratulations, Nathan! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role!  

“DIRECTOR HOFF! Wow, that feels good to officially say. I say this every time – but from LP to Director, what a great story. This promotion is a big one and one that is very well deserved. In every position Nate has held at ALKU, he has excelled, and this promotion will be no different. He is the definition of hard work, consistency, and determination – and he is always looking for ways to be better for those around him. Ever since being an intern, he has followed the ALKU processes to a T and has worked incredibly hard for every position he has earned. He has a cool, calm, and collected demeanor and handles every situation thrown his way with a positive attitude. He has consistently been someone others can rely on, and he is a staple in the Pharmaceutical group. Not only is Nate a big reason for Pharma’s growth over the years, but he has also played a huge part in Pharma’s fun-loving, having fun working hard culture. Thanks for always letting us poke fun at you; we’ll try to take it easy on you on this special day. Congratulations again, and soak this one in! I am so excited to see where you take this new role, and I know we are in great hands with you leading the charge!” – Tyler Boyle  

“Nathan Hoffman, ALKU UNH intern (twizzler video still my favorite) to Nate Hoffman, ALKU Director.  There isn’t someone that has worked the process harder and stayed the course more than Hoff.  His pursuit of perfection in every single role he has held at ALKU is extremely evident.  His recruiting spoke for itself.  He then transitioned to a Manager and a Senior Manager, where he helped grow the pharma brand to the next level.  He continued to split divisions, find opportunities for his people, and grow their careers.  The care and desire for his employees to succeed at every level is immeasurable.  He is willing to do whatever it takes for everyone else and never takes credit when credit is given.  Nate is reliable and someone whom his employees know always has their backs.  His selfless, humble attitude and continued investment in the growth of the Pharma brand have earned him this promotion.  His investment in Pharma and its people has allowed him to grow leaders, which has grown the group, provided an opportunity for others, and created a pathway for new leaders.  He continues to prove why he deserves this new role as Director every day, and I can’t wait to see him steering the Pharma brand.  Nate – thanks for all you do, and congrats on the promotion.  You have earned it.  Pumped for you.  Beers on, Craig!” – David Esteves  

“Hoff! Congratulations on your promotion — Director of Pharmaceutical Recruiting! It has a nice ring to it! Nate has been a staple in the Pharma groups for years and has continued to develop and strengthen the recruiting teams through his dedication, care, and support. While overseeing four groups, Hoff maintains a healthy personal career and occasionally throws up a deal to show them how it’s done. Nate is extremely level-headed, always approaches his teams and leaders with compassion, and offers solutions. When I think of Nate, I think of someone who cares. He cares about his leaders & his teams first and then himself. Nate has built strong and dynamic recruiting teams that are collaborative, hard-working, and efficient. He is always looking for ways to bring new ideas and strategies back to his groups. Nate is a huge reason why the Pharma brand is where it is today. He has promoted growth and culture, always bringing goofiness and fun to work. I am very proud of how far you’ve come since being LP! Congratulations again on your promotion, Nate! I couldn’t be more excited to be working alongside you!” – Tarah Lovato