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National Mentoring Month at ALKU

February 01, 2023


January is National Mentoring Month, a huge month of celebration at ALKU. 

Mentorship is integral to ALKU’s company culture, both internally and externally. When employees start at ALKU, no matter their level in the company, they are paired with an internal mentor. This person guides them throughout their time at ALKU, helping them in their day-to-day and long-term career. ALKU prides itself in its internal commitment to mentoring. Externally, ALKU partners with Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), BEST Kids, and more!  

ALKU utilized social media and its internal communication platform to celebrate and highlight National Mentoring Month. ALKU showcased mentorship relationships throughout ALKU’s various pillars. These spotlights highlighted the growth and memorable moments throughout the mentorship that led them to their success today.   

ALKU can’t wait to celebrate National Mentoring Month next year!