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National Volunteer Month Recap

April 26, 2022


April is National Volunteer Month and the ALKrew leveled up, went outside, and got involved companywide! There were countless VTO opportunities that Community Relations Coordinator, Elvis Bisono helped plan for the ALKrew throughout the month. VTO stands for Volunteer Time Off and each ALKU employee gets paid a certain number of hours to volunteer and help their community with various opportunities.

The ALKrew initially started off the month with two VTO opportunities for each office to participate in. As the month went on, Elvis helped to roll out specific VTO opportunities companywide for Earth Day! The ALKrew was extremely excited to help the community in any way they could and better our environment at the same time.

The Andover office took part in Revere Beach Cleanup with The Clean Wave organization, Boys & Girls Club of Nashua Community Cleanup, and Lazarus House Garden Flower Planting & Cleanup. Franklin participated in the Earth Day Litter Pick in Wedgewood Houston Neighborhood. Charlotte participated in various VTO opportunities from Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation. Herndon participated in a VTO opportunity with Arcadia Farm Volunteer.

The turn out for each of these VTOs was amazing and the ALKrew can’t wait to check out the VTO opportunities for May!