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Nick Dempster Promoted to Senior Payroll Manager

October 04, 2022


Nick started his ALKU career in May of 2017 and has been leveling up the payroll team and ALKU. He has been a critical component in why the payroll team has further developed and specialized. Nick successfully grew the team from two employees and one manager to four employees plus one open role, two managers, and one Roadmap in 2022.  

Nick is a passionate worker, a problem solver, and always willing to lend a helping hand. He has created solid relationships across all levels and pillars of ALKU. Nick is the epitome of an ALKU leader.    

Throughout his career, he has completed the lengthy process of the Kronos and Iconixx implementation. These are only two of the incredible accomplishments he has achieved. Additionally, he has paid out almost 2,000 employees weekly! 

As Senior Payroll Manager, Nick will continue growing the payroll team, specializing roles, becoming more efficient, and building a leadership team within payroll.   

Congratulations, Nick! We can’t wait to see your accomplishments in this new role.    

“One of the things that have always impressed me about Nick is his helpful demeanor and his willingness to jump into areas to assist not only members of his team but colleagues across the organization.  Nick does an excellent job of understanding the issue at hand, with his first inclination being to figure out how something CAN be done and not why something CAN’T be done.  Those characteristics have made Nick a go-to person at ALKU, and when you run payroll, people go to you… A LOT.   More recently, Nick has been strategically transforming his department into specialized areas to support the business better.  He has added staff that mirrors the image of their leader; hardworking, helpful individuals who care about their job and doing it well.  Nick has built a team that is well poised to help ALKU Level Up, and this promotion is very well deserved. Congratulations, Nick!!!” -Marc Cirrone   

“Congrats Nick!!! So excited for you on this promotion, and I am sure I speak for everyone saying, you are so, so deserving of it! I can’t think of one time somebody mentions Dempster’s name, and there isn’t someone there to say, “Nick!! I love Nick; he is the best!” This is a testament to his personality, attitude, and ability to build relationships with others. Nick has been even more impressive to me because of how good he is at his job, how responsive he is, how helpful he is, and how he has been instilling that in his team. We always want leaders to be the best at running their desks, then lead and show others how to do the same. Nick has always epitomized just that, and any interaction I have had with him or anyone on his team is always outstanding. He has always been so top-notch at every facet of his job, and I know he will continue to build a team that is as good as he is. So, congrats again, Nick!! I very much appreciate you and everything you do!!!” -Tim Lysaught    

“Someone once told me that you should hire people who challenge you- insert Nick Dempster.  Nick constantly pushes me to be a better manager because he demands the best.  I’m pretty sure in our first 1 on 1 ever; he asked me what he needed to do to become the President of Payroll.  Over the last year, Nick has been tested as a leader and continues to impress those around him with how well he can handle tough times.  He has written processes, implemented new systems to make us more efficient, and grown the payroll team with specialized roles and layers of leadership within.  Nick is an incredibly hard worker and incredibly well-liked across the entire company (and even as I am writing this, I regret how big his head is getting).  He has some of the strongest relationships because he cares so much and always gets the job done.  All of this will make him the best senior manager out there. Congratulations Neck!! Arnie and I are so proud of you!!” -Kayla Morrison