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Nico Pisello Promoted to Sales Manager, Business Development

January 04, 2024


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Ever since the very first day he started as an Intern at ALKU’s UMass Amherst Training Center, Nico has been the perfect embodiment of leading by example. Nico consistently leads in front-end metrics, top-soiling, account penetration, coaching, mentoring, and building spread. He carries every major sales record for the technologies group, yet he still works with a sense of urgency someone brand new would bring. Through his hard work and determination, Nico has achieved and delivered on every single item he has set his mind to, including not letting his own business slip while training to join management. He is always the first person to volunteer his time and support, often traveling with anyone anytime for shows or client visits.

Nico’s positive attitude and passion for helping others are impossible to ignore; whenever you see him walking the office, he is guaranteed to have nothing less than a smile on his face every day, no matter the situation. Both in and out of his direct role, he is constantly committed to volunteering to run and help Account Managers regularly in role plays, game-planning situations, and on-the-floor coaching. In his new role, Nico will be responsible for managing and developing all tech-related BDMs in their continued sales career development, sales acumen, and sales portfolio development. Congratulations, Nico! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“‘Pay it Forward’ and ‘Leading by Example’ are two concepts every ALKU leader must have. Nico Pisello is one of those individuals who has embodied those concepts since the day he started. Over the years, Nico has developed into one of the best Account Managers I have ever seen; he holds every major technology sales record, he has the most MSAs across the company, and he continues to put metrics up. Coupled with his Revenue accomplishments, he is always volunteering, constantly running morning role plays, and makes a point to support people’s development across all the brands. Nico was a very good Intern, a great AM, a game-changing BDM, and now our first Manager of Business Development for Commercial BDMs. Nico, you are one of the people who make ALKU great and are the lightning rod for Commercial BDM’s success. Congratulations on the promotion and thank you for making ALKU that much better of a company.” – Vice President, Business Development, Dave Bruner

“Drake. Bono. Madonna. Prince. What do they all have in common? They are such megastars that they only need one name to recognize their greatness. Nothing is different for the man, the myth, the legend. NICO.

I could not think of a more deserving person to be promoted as a leader at ALKU. He exemplifies everything a leader should be. He leads by example preaching 6/2 like it was etched in stone on a mountaintop by god himself (Bruner… JK). But even more impactful than his spread, metrics, or raps is his heart, this guy cares more about people than anyone I have ever known. Whether you are his direct report or a brand new Account Manager, he will give you every ounce of himself for you to succeed. However, he will not ask for a thing in return just knowing he helped you in some way become better truly brings him joy. I am so proud of the leader you have become and know now more than ever that we need people like you to take ALKU into the next phase of our journey. ERP Is so lucky to have you as a member of our Leadership team and I am so proud to call you a friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and applaud our newest Manager coming to the stage… Nico.” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen

“The idea of creating a management path for Nico was potentially the biggest ‘no-brainer’ decision we’ve had to make. ‘So, we’re going to take a person who already operates and produces like he is his own division and he’s going to replicate that with others?? Done, sign me up!’ Nico’s been the heart and soul of ERP since he walked through the Brickstone doors out of UMass. Throughout his entire career, I’ve yet to see Nico take his foot off the gas for even a day. Nico is the gold standard of how you want a salesperson to be. He is constantly focused on getting better at his craft, lifts everyone up around him, brings energy every day, and is so driven for his own success and those around him. Nico is constantly meeting with new Account Managers and giving them advice on how to be successful. There is so much to learn from just watching him go through his workflow. I am so fired up to have Nico’s influence grow within the ERP brand as he takes on leading the ERP BDM team and to have his wisdom and drive as a part of the ERP Leadership team. Congratulations, Nico! We are a better brand and overall company with you as a part of the leadership time and I can’t wait to see where you take this!!” – Vice President, ERP, Nick Vignone