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Noah Robison Promoted to Workday HCM Sales Manager

December 05, 2022


Noah started as an intern at the Durham Training Center and began his full-time ALKU career in January 2020 as a Workday HCM Account Manager. Throughout Noah’s career, he has grown every Account Manager on his team while reaching multiple personal goals and increasing Workday HCM’s success.   

Noah continues to lead by example on the floor daily. He always has a positive impact on not only his team but ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture as well. Noah is outgoing and loves celebrating wins, whether big or small, achievements.    

In his new role, Noah will be responsible for the Workday HCM Account Managers and driving the team to new heights. He will oversee all sales operations within Workday HCM.    

Congratulations Noah! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!    

“Noah Robison – Workday HCM Sales Manager – has a nice ring to it! Congrats! Noah is one of the hardest-working Sales Managers at this company. Every day he comes in and starts working on making his team the best it can be. Noah is a huge team guy. He always advocates for his employees and ensures they know exactly what they need to do. Noah started with ALKU during one of the toughest times being an employee. He only spent a few weeks in the office before COVID hit, and we went fully remote. Throughout COVID, Noah grew himself and his database while becoming an elite leader at ALKU. Noah has done an incredible job building those around him while leading Workday HCM to new highs! Noah is the type of person people naturally gravitate towards – whether it’s screaming at the top of his lungs during a deal song or working hands-on with his team. I am excited to be able to watch you grow and take Workday HCM to new heights! Congrats brotha! Well deserved!” -Devon Sittler   

“Noah! Congrats on such a huge step in your ALKU career and a VERY well-deserved promotion. I remember the first time we met at the UNH TC when I happened to sit right next to you for the day. Only an hour or two in, I could tell that you would be an absolute stud. As soon as you started as an account manager in HCM, you quickly proved that was true. Your personal goals proven are certainly impressive, but your leadership abilities make you stand out. Since the start, you have shown your natural ability to lead by example. Your approach and demeanor in big or small situations have instilled trust from the start, and your power to demand the room has always been your strength. When you received your roadmap and were tasked with managing four brand-new employees, you never once batted an eye and immediately got to work. It has been a pleasure working with you over the past few years, and I can not wait to see what you continue to do with Workday HCM. Congrats, Noah, I couldn’t be happier for you!” -Emma White   

“Noah – What a wild ride, my friend! Looking back at your journey, which started in Q1 of 2020, brings a smile to my face. You have overcome adversity at every turn, continued to grow, become a group leader and brand leader, and embraced every challenge as an opportunity. I could not be prouder to have the chance to lead you and get a first-row seat to a prospering career here at ALKU.   

 Your ability to provide a game-changing difference every day is a very rare talent. The poise, demeanor, and pride you apply to your craft are very impressive. Your hard work and effort have been dedicated to the group’s success and executed brilliantly. Well done, Noah, and congratulations on your promotion, you did it!” -Steve Dowling