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October Company Update

October 20, 2022


On Wednesday afternoon, the ALKrew gathered for the October Hybrid Company Update! This is a bi-annual update hosted by Directors at ALKU. These company updates keep the ‘Krew informed of current and upcoming topics. ALKU is highly transparent and strives to keep its employees informed and knowledgeable throughout the year.  

The October Company Update was hosted by Director of Billing and Client Services, Walter Gillis, Director of Talent Acquisition, Marissa Meyer, and Senior Director of Government Recruiting, Nathan Rose. These Directors focused on highlighting quarter three and excited the ALKrew for a leveled-up quarter four.  

Groups were highlighted and recognized not only for divisions but their leaders and individuals. Not one but twelve company milestones were highlighted from quarter three. This was incredible for the company to reflect on and receive recognition for their immense hard work.   

The ALKU Bash was recapped as this was an incredible day the ‘Krew will remember for many years ahead. Additionally, ALKU’s new Employee Resource Group (ERG), Jewish Employee Group (JEG), was highlighted and reintroduced. Finally, we can’t forget our fantastic giving back presentation section. The ALKrew has reached 980 hours of Volunteer Time Off (VTO) and fundraised $340,019.55! What an incredibly mind-blowing achievement!  

The final sections of the presentation highlighted ALKU’s upcoming Open Houses and end-of-the-year holiday gala! Stay tuned for future blogs on these two highly anticipated events. We can’t wait to continue to strive for success and accomplishments in quarter four!