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Parents Day Spotlight: Leah Bourdon

July 21, 2022


Our next Parents Day feature is Vice President, Leah Bourdon! Today we celebrate you, Leah! Check out the incredible insight she provided below!   

How many children do you have?
My daughter Sasha is nine years old, and my son Miles is 7. I have worked at ALKU for 11 years, so I went through the experience of having both children while working at ALKU. 

How has the Parents Group ERG helped you as a working parent?
Seeing the number of parents at ALKU grow has been so amazing. When I started having children, I felt alone as a working parent for a long time because there were only a few parents at the company. Parents Group has allowed me to connect with people at ALKU with whom I don’t have day-to-day interactions with. We share stories, give advice, and talk about current struggles. We laugh a lot in these meetings. It has been great to get to know a different side of my co-workers and have others speak about parenthood struggles and the unique challenges over the years.  

What is your biggest piece of advice that you would give to new or expecting parents?
You never truly understand any of the advice you get until you experience parenthood for yourself. Everybody says, “don’t blink” and “time flies, ” which is so true! This quote hits home- “The days are long, but the years are short”- Gretchen Rubin.

What is your favorite activity to do with your children?
There are a lot of things we love to do as a family. For instance, we go on walks, adventure new places, and love to travel. One small everyday thing my kids like to do together right now is Wordle. We do it every night at bedtime and they are so good at it! Sasha and I got the word in two tries last night! 

Parents Bio:
For ALKU parents, expecting parents, or people who want to know what it’s like to be an ALKU parent.