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Parents Day Spotlight: Nathan Rose

July 22, 2022


Our next Parents Day feature is Senior Director of Government Recruiting, Nathan Rose! Today we celebrate you, Nathan! Check out the incredible insight he provided below!  

What is your favorite part about being a parent?  
This is a tricky question because I don’t know where to start, but seeing my daughter laugh and smile makes the world stop, and nothing else seems to matter. Watching her grow, learn and try new things is fantastic. Watching her grow both physically and emotionally is an absolute treat.  

How many children do you have?  
One and a second one on the way!  

How has the Parents Group ERG helped you as a working parent?  
The Parents group at ALKU has been a great support system. Knowing that I am not alone in balancing work and family is helpful. Lots of our discussions are open, and as a newer parent, it was a great way to talk about milestones and how to introduce new things into your child’s life.  

What is your most significant piece of advice that you would give to new or expecting parents?  
Life will change a lot but in a good way. There will be great and challenging times, but you will always figure it out.  

What is your favorite activity to do with your children?  
That changes as she grows, but lately, it’s swimming because she loves it so much.  

What is one word you would use to describe your child/children 

Are your children named after anyone/has any significant meaning?  
Yes, the name Ripley comes from Ripley, Maine, and my family has had a lake house there since 1961. We recently purchased 9 acres of land next to the family property. 

Parents Bio:
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