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Patrick Boodry Promoted to Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

April 19, 2022


Patrick Boodry started his ALKU career in 2019 and immediately hit the ground running. He has been exemplifying what it means to be a leader at ALKU since day one. Patrick has improved upon former processes, taken it upon himself to create new initiatives that not only increase efficiency on the Financial team but also help the revenue Leadership team. Additionally, he has been a role model for those around him.

Patrick took the lead on the entire budget and forecasting process over the past year. Furthermore, he has been an instrumental part in implementing new software’s like Workday. He participates in ALKU events that are not required and encourages his team to attend these as well. Recently, Patrick traveled to various ALKU offices and got to know some employees that he doesn’t work with on a regular basis.

In his new role, Patrick will be responsible for the oversight of the FP&A team. He will continue to develop the group to scale to company growth, be the go-to person for all things budgeting, forecasting, spread, and financial software’s.

Congratulations, Patrick! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“PAT!!!! This promotion is so well deserved. I can’t tell you how many times people have come up to me and said how much they love working with Pat. He has taken his role and brought it to a new level of efficiency, all while building relationships in the company and continuing to improve processes. He has been such a leader on the team from the start and makes doing his job look easy (even in the middle of doing a forecast, a budget, prepping for a board meeting and implementing a new financial software). Not the be dramatic and make it about me but I am crying. Pat – I am so excited for you, congrats again on the promo!”- Haley Giampietro

“Pat is a model employee who continuously goes above and beyond for anything thrown his way. While there is no doubt Pat can handle all tasks he is given and get them done quickly; we just went live on a new financial reporting system almost a full month early in due to Pat staying on top of every detail! Even with this, his most impressive work has been what he has been able to do with other people. Whether it is a someone in revenue he is explaining financials, budgets, and forecasts to; or someone on the FP&A team that he is teaching a new task; Pat is patient, breaks things down, and makes sure everyone is on the same page before moving onto the next item on the agenda. Congrats on the promotion Pat, I can’t wait to see you continue to build the best FP&A team in staffing!”- Jon Martel

“Congratulations to the one and the only…Big Bad Pat Boodry!!!! It seems like just yesterday Pat had begun his ALKU career in the Amherst TC office. Every single day, I would yell and scold Pat for not getting me leads and subs, it wasn’t until 3-4 weeks in that I realized he was on the Finance team. Pat has always been an extremely hard working and willing to tackle any challenge. He was often the first to the office and was always willing to stay late to make sure he got the job done. He has always been an upbeat, friendly, and awesome person in the office, and he is someone who determined to be successful. I know he has played a huge role in growing our Finance Department and I am extremely excited to see how he does in his new role as FP&A Manager. Congratulations Mr. Boodry! Beers are on me at the Winners Circle!!!”- Andrew Regan