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Philip Masotta Promoted to Training Center Sales Manager – Amherst

April 04, 2022


Philip started his ALKU career in August of 2020. He spent his first 6 months in and out of the office due to the pandemic and this made him even more determined and motivated. Since his start at ALKU, he has gone above and beyond and ley by example.

Philip has shown an incredible passion and continues to improve himself and go out of his way to help others. He never shies away from an opportunity to visit a Training Center or help with a CRD event. Over the last two years, he has brought an immense amount of energy which has helped to improve and grow his team. In addition, Philip stands out when visiting the Training Centers as someone who goes out of his way to help interns with their work and pushing full time opportunities.

In his new role, Philip will be responsible for developing account managers at the Amherst Training Center. He will oversee the sales training and strategy involved in getting our interns up to speed and ready for a future full-time position at ALKU. He brings high energy and has a passion for improvement.

Congratulations, Philip! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“When I think of Philip Masotta the III I think of snakes, animal facts, pest control and a guy who cares about his work more than anyone else I’ve seen (loves snakes & animals, wanted to go to Florida to work in Pest Control before he heard about ALKU). Since the day he started he has worked incredibly hard to find success and to continuously improve himself. Phil hit 30k in his first full calendar year and is the “glue” guy on our team. He keeps things light and is quick with a joke, random fact, or perfectly placed GIF. When Phil first asked me to talk and told me he was interested in the TC Amherst Sales position I think my only response was “I think that is a perfect for you if you’re interested”. He brings a ton of energy, loves helping others, and leads by example. The first time he went to UNH to visit, two different people told me he was thriving. I am sure that in this role Phil will devote himself and develop strong leadership skills while preparing and growing ALKU’s next superstars. I couldn’t be happier for you man and appreciate how much you put into your work. Congrats!” -Charles Nevejans

“PHIL!!! Since day one at ALKU, it was apparent to everyone that you are someone that embodies what you want to see out of an employee here. Your hardworking nature and constant motivation to get better every day is what has gotten you to where you are today and is what will propel you into success in this new position. Out of everything we’ve worked on, there are some things about you that cannot be taught. A few of them being your ridiculous amount of knowledge about animals and different wildlife around the world, your passion about getting timecards approved, and the ability to motivate the team and yourself with obscure quotes. All in all, you’ll be missed in Pharma RS (and when I need a fourth for a tee time) not only for the account manager you’ve become over the past 18 months, but more for the person you are and the positive affect you have on others. You’re going to crush this new role, CONGRATS!” – Chris Masi

“PHIL!! Philly Phriday, Money Massota, Mullet Massota.. the list truly does go on. I am so proud and excited for you as you enter this new chapter in your career. I have been so impressed by your professional and personal growth since I’ve met you. You’ve always had the ability to put your head down, work hard and keep it light at the same time. From the day you started, I knew you were a great addition due to your ability to progress as an account manager but also to build a strong and positive culture within a smaller team. You’ve always been willing to go the extra mile and lend a helping hand and I know all these attributes will make you successful as the TC Manager. You’re going to absolutely crush this role and I can’t wait to see all your achievements. Lastly, I will say, I am very jealous the Amherst interns get to work with you every day. I will miss your daily jokes, fun facts, stories and watching you try new things (matcha, mochi, shrimp tempura etc.) HAPPY YOU GOT YOUR CHAIN before leaving us 😊” – Emily Carolan