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Rachel Farmer Promoted to Senior Sales Manager, HCIT

March 18, 2024


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Rachel started her ALKU career nearly seven and a half years ago as an Account Manager. Since then, she has become one of the most tenured and successful sales leaders in ALKU’s Charlotte office and the company overall. Whether it’s hitting incredible revenue milestones, being the Sales Manager of a two-time winning Division of the Year, or more than doubling the size of the company’s largest division, Rachel’s ability to make a positive difference wherever she goes is prominent. She is kind, caring, and always looking out for her people. As she continues to develop multiple successful leaders and salespeople, her guidance on the future of ALKU is exceptionally bright.

Rachel’s list of achievements extends far beyond her direct role. In 2022, she was named the AWE Inspire Award winner for ALKU’s Employee Resource Group, ALKU Women Empowered, where she was recognized for her consistent upliftment and support of women throughout the company. As a leader of ALKU’s Parent Employee Resource Group, Rachel helped to create a new maternity leave coverage plan for working parents; her ability to go above and beyond for all people at ALKU is astonishing. With her mentorship and constant positivity, Rahcel is a core pillar of leadership in ALKU’s Charlotte office.

In her new role, Rachel’s responsibility will be to take what she implemented with the success of Cerner’s rapid revenue growth and apply it to HCIT. She will work with her managers to develop their careers and Account Managers who report to them while focusing on growing the entire HCIT umbrella and the Charlotte office.

“I have often said that Rachel Farmer is one of the most natural sales professionals I’ve known. She was born to do this. She was an Account Manager at HSG, and when the acquisition happened, she took things to new heights. What’s been impressive to watch is that as good of a salesperson as she is, she has arguably become an even better sales leader. With her at the helm, the Cerner division has more than doubled over three years and became the largest division in the company (winning back-to-back Division of the Year!). With Epic moving down to Charlotte, Rachel can do the same thing she did in Cerner with Epic and all of HCIT – which is continuing to grow revenue rapidly. The entire Charlotte office will continue to flourish with Rachel’s infectious energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and business savvy are present. This promotion is more than deserved, and I hope the entire Charlotte office can collectively celebrate the accomplishment of one of their leaders!” – Sales Director, HCIT & DISS, Daniel Lyons

“It was 2016, and I was sitting at a small restaurant in Charlotte, preparing for this person named Rachel, who I was about to sit down and interview for the first time. She was a referral from a common friend of ours, and the only things I knew about her were that she worked at UNC Charlotte and her personality was ‘outgoing, fun, and smiles a lot.’ At the time, our Charlotte office was not yet open, but it was about to be open in a couple of months, so we were starting to hire the first people who would hopefully be a part of our future growth here. Little did I know that I was about to meet someone who would change my life and have an instant, positive impact on my personal and professional life.

As I was sitting at the table waiting, suddenly, the door crashed open, and I looked up to see this girl with a huge smile on her face who was looking right at me. I reached out my hand to introduce myself to her, but she had zero interest in that gesture. She walks up to me, hugs me, and says, ‘OMG, you must be Tyler! It’s so nice to meet you!’ Initial thoughts: What if I wasn’t Tyler? Does she always hug strangers? Seemed likely at this point. First impressions are extremely important, and this girl just came in guns blazing.

From that point on, she has not stopped. What sets Rachel apart from the norm is her unwavering dedication and care for success. She consistently gives every ounce of energy she has, day in and day out, and does not stop until new heights have been reached and success has been redefined. She has been a trailblazer for the company, and her impact on the Charlotte office, let alone ALKU, speaks for itself and has every piece of facts and data behind it to support it further. From an entry-level Recruiter to Account Manager, then Sales Manager, and now, Senior Sales Manager, it has been an honor and so much fun seeing Rach experience this level of success. From the girl I met in a café to someone who leads the charge for the company’s two-time Division of the Year. On top of all that success and her everyday responsibilities, she is also a mom of two young children and helps lead the Parents ERG here for ALKU.

Her personality is electric; you hear her before you see her, and she is someone who is the epitome of being an ALKU Women Empowered boss. Congratulations to my friend, Rachel; I am so very happy for you. Keep re-writing the books here, Rach… because you are one of few that can continue to do that.” – Senior Recruiting Director, HCIT & DISS, Tyler Bush

“Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… where to begin? I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be able to write something up to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I have known Rachel for over 15 years, and let me tell you, the girl was the exact same then as she is now. Always bubbly, always laughing, and always brightens up any room or situation she is involved in. She was a big reason I even wanted to join ALKU years ago. I knew I could work with someone I thoroughly enjoyed being around and spending time with.

Rachel has always been an absolute rock for Cerner, getting involved now with Epic, producing at a very high level before leadership, and continuing to produce at an even higher level as a leader. I have been able to watch firsthand her impact on the development of others both in Charlotte and around the whole company. Outside of being an amazing person, she knows how to grow a business. Her clients have always loved her, and anyone she has worked with has loved her. She gets the best out of everyone. She is always thinking of new ideas or initiatives, taking the reins on implementing changes, always thinking strategically, always advising others in ways that will have the best outcomes, and always thinking big picture when it comes to building herself and those around her.

So Rach, CONGRATULATIONS on this very well-deserved promotion to Senior Sales Manager. You keep the energy and buzz high; you are an asset to ALKU, you are an amazing mom, you are an outstanding coworker and you are an amazing friend that I am lucky to know. I am so excited to see you continue to grow in this new role and for more and more success and accolades to keep coming your way! Congrats, Rach!!!!-“ Recruiting Director, HCIT, Tim Lysaught