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Revenue Mentor Spotlight: Shannen Ketenci and Ashley Warren

January 19, 2023


The next Revenue Mentor Spotlight highlights Mentor, Senior Sales Manager, Epic & Privacy, Shannen Ketenci, and Mentee, Epic Account Manager, Ashley Warren! 

How has mentoring Ashely helped you grow in your career? 
Mentoring Ashley has absolutely helped me grow, both professionally and personally. She was one of the first people who reported to me, starting while I was still on my path to management and did not have much experience. Since day one, Ashley has been a coachable and dependable employee, and she quickly showed me that I could trust her when she promised to get something done. As a new manager, I often felt that I needed to insert my help and opinion into every scenario. However, as time went on, I began to realize that there were many things Ashley had become an expert at where she no longer needed my help. She helped me learn when to help and let go and trust that she had it under control. I think this lesson was a big one and has helped me in mentoring others since then as well.  

How have you seen Ashley grow under your mentorship? 
Ashley has grown in so many ways. She always had the potential to be great, but what Ashley did was put in the work to ensure she would be. She followed directions, always followed through on what she said she would get accomplished, and made it evident that she was the number one person who cared about her success. The area that I have seen Ashley grow the most (because she already had so many of the intangibles from her first day) is her confidence. She could always do the job, but when she realized just how good she was becoming, she gained a new level of confidence that made her a true force to be reckoned with. Seeing Ashley tackle situations with the confidence she has now has been amazing to watch. Now that she is mentoring others, she has the same mindset as a leader as she does as a salesperson, which has already made her excel in so many ways.   

Describe a memorable moment since you’ve been a mentor to Ashley. 
A memorable moment with Ashley was definitely the day she was given her opportunity to work her path to management. She had done SO many things to prove to everyone that she more than deserved it, but because of how humble Ashley is, she also didn’t expect it/see it coming. She was so excited and ready to take on this new challenge/opportunity.   

What is your favorite thing about your mentoring relationship with Ashley? 
It is hard to pick just one! At this point, I consider Ashley to be a very close friend. I always feel like we can hit each other straight and be brutally honest with one another. There has never been a time where I felt like Ashley wasn’t 100% honest with me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Ashley is a superstar, so just getting the opportunity to work with her in any capacity is a privilege.

How has your relationship as mentor and mentee evolved/grown over time?  
Ashley and I have had a very good working relationship since day one. She proved to be a model employee who developed into a great salesperson, but our relationship has definitely evolved over time. Now, Ashley is someone whom I trust to handle virtually any situation that she is put into. She is someone I can bounce ideas off of and whose opinion I value in the highest regard. I know that if I ever needed anything, work-related or not, Ashley would be there without question.