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Riley Campbell Promoted to Business Development Manager

September 19, 2023


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Since starting his ALKU career in June 2019, Riley has made it incredibly clear that he is determined to make a difference in the staffing world. As someone who gives his all every single time he walks through our doors, to say Riley deserves this promotion would be an enormous understatement. Riley’s teammates and coworkers admire his ability to make real connections and consistently deliver new business everywhere he goes. Managing relationships across such a large magnitude of accounts is already an impressive feat. For Riley to then leverage those same relationships through networking to grow spread and break into new accounts, this promotion is a natural next step in his ALKU career. Through leading by example and proving himself to be an essential team member, he has grown as a professional and shows immense potential to become, in the words of his leadership team, “one of the best salespeople ERP has ever seen.”

In the last four years, Riley has broken into an impressive amount of accounts and shown his team and the entire company that he can quickly and efficiently add spread. From being a drafted Intern from the University of New Hampshire to quickly becoming a core pillar of the Workday HCM Sales team, Riley is someone who can’t help but make a positive impact on every group he collaborates with. Averaging an incredible spread for multiple years in a row, Riley contributes to ALKU’s Have Fun Working Hard® culture by showing his passion for his work. A team player to his core, Riley always tells his team whenever he’s on a call so new Account Managers can join, listen, and learn from him. As someone who thrives on motivating others and contributing to their success, he’s focused on career growth and enabling other new Account Managers to improve while leading by example.

In his new role, Riley will be responsible for breaking into new accounts, developing relationships, and effectively passing out accounts that trust ALKU to newer Account Managers. By allowing newer Account Managers the opportunity to grow spread, he will effectively reduce the turnover rate in ERP and help them grow as a brand. Congratulations, Riley! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Over 200 placements, 20 plus MSAs, and an unbelievable all-time spread high…Need I say more?! Since his internship, Riley quickly established himself as one of the best hunting Account Managers at ALKU. He is constantly working his pipeline, never taking “no” for an answer, and always ready to try something new. His commitment to success, ALKU, and ensuring our clients have a great experience is constantly on display. When Riley started four years ago, he made it very clear that he was ready to outwork and out-deliver anyone around him. Today’s promotion showcases that focus and effort. Congratulations and welcome to BDM!” – Vice President, Business Development, Dave Bruner

“I am so impressed by Riley’s ability to deliver business. He’s a phenomenal salesperson motivated by all the right things. One thing I really admire about him is his commitment to the truth. Riley will never lie, even when the truth is harder to swallow, and I respect that greatly. I believe Riley has yet to reach a fraction of his true potential. As a career salesperson, he’s dedicated his life to perfecting his craft and closing deals. This openness to feedback, improvement, and learning can be applied in and out of the office, where he always strives for improvement. I’m so proud of you, Riley! You will be an excellent ERP addition in this new BDM role. Continue to stand out – regardless of whether or not you’re the tallest person in the room.” – Business Development Manager, Nico Pisello

“Riley Campbell… From interning in sweatpants and AirPods up at UNH to going full time in Andover (and still wearing sweatpants and AirPods). Riley may be the most unique Account Manager in all of ALKU history. First off, he is roughly seven feet tall. He rocks $400 Yeezys (size 22). He invented the short-sleeved dress shirt look at ALKU. He is constantly the ALKU Madness champion or finalist every year (to which he obviously opts for the $1,000 gift card to Gucci). He drives an Audi and blew out the engine in the first week. The dealer told him not to drive fast for the first 500 miles – nice try. In all seriousness, Riley is a staffing weapon. He has been a consistent player for a few years now, with a huge milestone right around the corner. He had the most account breakers and MSAs in ERP last year – it only makes sense that we make this Account Manager who is great at developing new businesses into a Business Development Manager (BDM)! Congratulations, Riley; you have been working for a long time to reach this point, and I am so proud of you!!! #EspressoMartinisOnGaston!” – Sales Director, Enterprise Solutions, Craig Cowen