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Riley Campbell Promoted to Senior Workday HCM Account Manager

March 01, 2022


Riley Campbell started his career in 2019 as an Account Manager Intern and advanced to a role as Workday HCM Account Manager. Riley continues to go above and beyond today and is a key component to the Workday HCM team.

Riley is a dedicated Account Manager. He continues to be a leader in Workday HCM and is always willing to help in any way possible. Riley is the backbone of Workday; he has a burning passion that is contagious and a great mindset. He keeps the activity consistent, always comes prepared, and continues to lead by example.

Riley has been a leader when it comes to breaking into new business and discovering new ways to increase our brand and footprint in the market. In Riley’s new role as Senior Workday HCM Account Manager, he will focus on continuing to help us with new markets and new customers. He is an expert in workday when it comes to skill sets, setting expectations, and educating folks on the ALKU offerings.

Congratulations, Riley! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!

“Very few have an elite level of talent combined with an unstoppable motor. Simply put, Riley Campbell has displayed both since the day he started 3 years ago. In 2021 Riley lead all Account Managers in placements! It would also be a crime not to mention he led the company in Pipelines in Q4, so it’s safe to say the future remains very bright. Riley’s high spread is a result of; a dozen Account Breakers, brutal backfills, quick ACK trip, completed hail Mary’s, and an unmatched passion for staffing. He loves nothing better than a full keg in the cold brew and a hot lead in his inbox. My favorite part of working with Riley over the years has been watching him become a cornerstone of Workday. He’s a culture guy! Riley is the driving force behind many of our “get togethers”. These include BBQ’s, bowling, paintball, Workday VTO day at GFB, internal contests, and more. This celebration is for you, all your hard work, all your accomplishments, and all your brilliant ideas! Congrats my friend!” -Stephen Dowling

“Riley Campbell, from baby faced intern in sweatpants and air pods to SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER! Riley started in UNH almost 4 years ago and I was very skeptical to say the least. He questioned everything and he talked faster than lightning. He would respond to every manager by just repeating exactly what they said, AND he was 6’9 which intimidated me. Safe to say, he is not who I would have put my money on to come out of UNH and be a Senior AM. I have never been happier to admit that I was wrong. What I didn’t realize was when he was questioning things it was to better understand so he could master the subject. He talked fast because he was always ready to move on to the next thing or break the next great account. He repeated what the managers were saying to train himself to listen more when people speak. He’s 6’9 but now it intimidates me more that he has a much higher spread than I ever had so I am always looking up to him. Seriously though, Riley has grown into a leader for Workday HCM. He is a friend to his co-workers and one of the hardest working AMs at ALKU. This is not the final stop on the train of Riley’s career here and I can’t wait to watch him continue to prove me wrong! Congrats Riley! Burtons on Hanzla!”-Craig Cowen

“Riley Campbell… It seems like just yesterday I was listening to him up in Durham as a college kid. From the start, he has somehow made it seem like selling was second nature. A huge personality combined with an even larger love for staffing has led him to COUNTLESS late nights, account breakers, and spread highs. Riley is the epitome of work hard play hard and a huge contributor to the HCM culture. He has proven time and again that hard work pays off. You can usually find him declining free PTO, so he doesn’t waste a minute from working. Additionally, he is always taunting anyone who doesn’t come to the office 5 days a week. This is just the next step in a very long ALKU career for Riley. Congrats, I am so proud of you. It has been such a pleasure watching you become the SENIOR that you are!!!” -Emma White