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RISE Spotlight: Haley Ante

November 18, 2022


Introducing our next leader of ALKU’s newest Employee Resource Group (RISE), Workday Financials Recruiting Manager, Haley Ante! Recently, we sat down with Haley to ask her a few questions regarding herself and the future of RISE. Check out the RISE Table Talk below for all the details on ALKU’s newest ERG! 

What do you hope the future of RISE will bring? 
I hope the future of RISE will bring a place for like-minded individuals to share their stories while creating a comfortable place for individuals who have disabilities to be themselves consistently and have an open forum to share.   

What motivated you to lead RISE? 
I was motivated to lead RISE because I have disabilities that affect my daily life, but I was taught to always live life without them bringing you down, and I want to share my story while hearing others.  

What are you most excited about since implementing the RISE ERG? 
I am most excited about seeing where we can take this ERG. There are so many possibilities. I know this is only the beginning of something so great.   

How does RISE help to support members of the ALKrew? 
RISE supports members of the ALKrew who have disabilities. It will be a closed-off group, but there will be open meetings for caregivers, people with disabilities, and allies of those with disabilities. The goal is for ALKU employees to discover different ways to rise above the stigma and continue to learn different ways of recovery, management, and overall well-being while living with a disability.  

What advice would you give someone interested in joining/learning more about RISE? 
My best advice is to come open-minded, ready to talk, vulnerable, and comfortable while stepping outside your comfort zone. This judgment-free zone is welcome for anyone who wants to be a part of a safe community of individuals with a disability.   

What are some things you want people to be aware of outside the group? 
People outside of the group should know that People with disabilities are individuals. We have families, careers, interests, likes, dislikes, ups, and downs. My disability is integral to my person, but it does not define me.  

How can we make ALKU a better workplace and better support RISE? 
ALKU can support and continue to hire individuals who are good at their jobs while having a disability.  

Who is your biggest role model?  
My biggest role model is my Dad. Since he was young, he has worked at the same company and worked his way up in his career, and I plan to do the same here at ALKU. He always tells me how it has been since I was young while going through all my early medical challenges. It helped me live as generally as possible and has made me who I am today.   

What is one thing/activity that improves your day-to-day life? 
I try to wake up early in the morning, work out, and do daily tasks to go to work, feeling less stressed about things I have to do outside work. I keep working at work and my personal life with my personal life.   

What does DE&I mean to you? 
To me, DE&I means everyone feels involved, respected, and embedded in the ALKU culture. I want every single one of my employees that I work with to feel safe, accepted, and valued. As a manager, I have a job to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed. As a RISE leader, I have the same mission to make everyone feel like they have a safe space to tell their story and be themselves.   

What is your approach to understanding members of the ALKrew from different backgrounds? 
My approach to understanding members of the ALKrew from different backgrounds is to be friendly, welcoming, and curious to learn more about people from different backgrounds. When in doubt, I always ask. Interacting and understanding members who come from different backgrounds promote empathy in the workplace. Different backgrounds throughout a team create more innovation and originality.   

To open conversation around disabilities and better educate those with disabilities on daily living skills, treatment options, pain management, and overall health and wellness. The goal is for ALKU employees to discover different ways to rise above the stigma and continue to learn different ways of recovery, management, and overall wellbeing while living with a disability.