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Road to Leadership: Alex Christensen

January 09, 2024


Man smiling at the camera.

Infor Account Manager Alex Christensen started his ALKU career in the spring of 2021. His drive, hard work, and outgoing personality have made him an up-and-coming leader to watch.

Restaurants to Sales

Starting on the Workday Financials team, Alex underwent a significant culture shift, transitioning from managing restaurants to thriving on the sales floor. Fastforward to 2023, a year defined by exciting opportunities for Alex. He transitioned to the Infor division, an ALKU startup. Shortly after he graduated from the Futures Program and was placed on his roadmap to become the Infor Sales Manager, aligning with his aspiration for management and leadership.

The Right Position

Transitioning to Infor seemed daunting at first but was fueled by Alex’s trust in ALKU and aspirations for leadership. He recognized that partnering up with Kyra Anderson would be a chance to be a part of something that was already exciting and prosperous. Influenced by his great leaders and mentors in Workday solidified Alex’s belief that he wanted to be part of something similar. The challenges that come with a startup are large, but seeing the work having a lasting effect is extremely satisfying.

Leadership Mindset

Leading by example, Alex approaches each day with a readiness for challenges and a focus on business-forward decisions. He lives by the mantra that he learned while in Workday: “We are going to figure it out.” The meaning behind the mantra is to keep a positive mindset even when everything is hectic because we are going to figure out how to make it right.

Alex’s next step is to complete his roadmap and become the Infor Sales Manager. He’s looking forward to contributing to the success of this group and the ERP division for years to come! If you’re looking for a company with leadership opportunities, apply to ALKU today!