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Road to Leadership: Alex Reyno

November 08, 2023


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Alex Reyno always knew that she wanted to be a part of ALKU’s Leadership team, and her promotion to Recruiting Manager, Oracle this August made it official. This is only the beginning of Alex’s leadership journey, and it’s already an impressive career path.

A Summer in Charlotte

We asked Alex what her mentoring experience was like. Her response, “I can’t say enough good things about my time in Charlotte and am so glad I did it!”

Alex’s track record of molding successful leaders made her the perfect person to relocate to ALKU’s Charlotte office last summer to support the company’s Intern hiring goals. She mentored three Interns with different learning styles and goals, which helped her gain experience and reinforced her passion for leadership. Shortly after coming back to ALKU’s Andover office, Alex received her roadmap to the Oracle Cloud Recruiting Manager.

Leadership Goals

As a leader, transparency is key for Alex; being open and honest is crucial for the success of her direct reports. She is thorough in understanding how each person learns and what motivates them before working with them to set goals and uncover areas of improvement. As a leader of the group, she fuels the positive energy and finds the balance for Have Fun Working Hard™.

Future of Oracle Cloud Recruiting

The future for the Recruiters in Oracle Cloud is very bright! Alex leads a small but mighty team, all of whom are highly motivated to succeed. She sees Oracle and her team being very successful and exceeding ALKU’s expectations. People are the core of the team, both now and in the future – whether it’s the next Recruiting Manager, Senior Recruiter, or overall role model for Recruiters to come.

Alex is currently working on breaking into new business to grow the group and being a role model for those interested in leadership! If you’re looking for a company with leadership opportunities, apply to ALKU today!