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Road to Leadership: Kyra Anderson

September 06, 2023


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Infor Recruiter Kyra Anderson started her ALKU career in September 2020 and has been going above and beyond in her career path. She turned heads after reaching her first sales achievement within 18 months of her tenure, and they haven’t looked the other way since.

Opportunity Knocks

Being asked to do a startup at ALKU is one of the best opportunities anyone in sales could hope for. There were a few factors that influenced Kyra’s decision to move forward with this exciting opportunity. She wanted the chance to start something she could call her own from the ground up. Being able to build an entirely new group and culture is incredibly special and something worth being proud of. When her leadership team told her she would be starting Infor with Stephen Dowling – it was a no-brainer for Kyra to agree!

Giving it 110% 

Taking on the task of a startup is no easy feat; you have to give 110% every day you walk in the door. Kyra keeps herself focused, motivated, and poised, constantly reminding herself that she is an essential part of her team. She holds herself accountable for building the group’s foundation and stays focused on her world of control. Through success and challenges, Kyra maintains a positive mindset and a lighthearted and fun attitude.

Leading by Example

A group is only as strong as its leader, and with Kyra being one of its leaders, Infor has unwavering strength. Being the hardest-working person in the room is Kyra’s motive for leading by example. She also leans on her counterpart, Steve Dowling, to create a fun environment where everyone enjoys the grind together.

When asked what the next step in her ALKU career is, Kyra replied short and sweet while being driven and motivated. Her answer – getting Infor to its next major sales achievement! With Kyra Anderson and Steve Dowling carving Infor’s path, there’s no doubt in our minds that it’s within close reach!