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Road to Leadership: Maria Zoto

November 28, 2023


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Medical Device Sciences Recruiter, Maria Zoto’s interest in ALKU peaked in pursuit of financial opportunity. It was at an Open House that she was drawn in by a culture that she admired. Today, Maria is the other half of the empowered duo leading ALKU’s Medical Device Sciences start-up to success.

Seizing Opportunity

Throwback to when Maria was a Medical Device Quality Recruiter, and her first three deals were Medical Device Sciences skillsets. She always loved recruiting for those roles early on because of the unique projects. To quote Maria, “The opportunity came [to start up Medical Device Sciences], and I knew I had to make it mine.” This start up is the most rewarding thing she’s done professionally, and the group is seeing early success from working hard and being creative.

The Relm of Start Ups

When asked what goes into a start-up, Maria responded with “everything.” There is no algorithm or secret code that can be shared since every start up is different. However, what remains the same across the board is hard work, creativity, and problem solving. The first year consists of building an entirely new base and prospecting new clients. Having her counterpart, Kristiyana Petrova, who has similar goals for the group, makes the process a lot easier and fun.

Leadership Inspirations

Maria describes her leadership style as a melting pot of the leaders that have mentored and worked alongside her. Desiree Drummond-Mayrie and Lauren Morse are two leaders that have had the most influence on her leadership style. They are both strong, knowledgeable, and caring leaders; everything that Maria strives to be.

The next step in Maria’s ALKU career is being promoted to Medical Device Sciences Recruiting Manager. She’s currently working on her Roadmap and hoping to grow the team with Kristiyana to six individuals by the end of year. If you’re looking for a company with leadership opportunities, apply to ALKU today!