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Rumble in Rocktown Recap!

April 11, 2022


ALKU wrapped up the first ever, Rumble in Rocktown Sales Competition between James Madison University and Virginia Tech. This competition took place last week on Friday, April 8th, 2022!

Rumble in Rocktown is a new take on ALKU sales competitions. In total, 24 students attended the event, Half of the students were from James Madison University and the other half of the students were from Virginia Tech. These two schools, 156 miles apart battled until the very end!

The winners were based off a point system that the students were scored on. Including, approach, needs identification, product/service presentation, overcoming objections, close, communication skills and overall performance.

Judges viewed each round from separate viewing rooms unlike other sales competitions where they usually sit in the rooms with the buyers.

Madison Mitchell, from VT took home 1st place, 2nd place went to Preston Bagdon from JMU, and 3rd place went to Sydney Fromm, from VT!

Special shout out to the ALKU buyers from the ALKrew! Thank you to Government I&E Sales Manager, Brendan Bagnato, Business Development Manager, John falco, and Training Center Manager, Zach Polgase.

Overall, the competition was a great success, we cannot wait to see what the competition holds in 2023!