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Ryan Brennan Promoted to Senior Cerner Recruiting Manager 

August 17, 2022


Ryan started his ALKU career in September 2017 and has been an asset to Cerner, the Charlotte office, and ALKU for nearly five years. Since being promoted to Cerner Recruiting Manager in July of 2021, he has continued to excel as an employee and an incredible leader. He continues to propel Cerner to new heights and develop those around him.   

Since being promoted last July, Ryan continues to lead by example, and train, develop and support everyone around him. He brings a strong work ethic and a great mindset and motivates his team. Above all, Ryan is incredibly consistent, and this has been instilled since day one.  

In his new role, Ryan will continue to lead the charge for the Cerner and Cerner Federal recruiting team while overseeing Cerner Recruiting Managers.  

Congratulations, Ryan! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role! 

“I honestly cannot say enough positive things about RB. To see what he has accomplished in his nearly 5-year career has been amazing and truly fun to experience firsthand. Seeing what he has accomplished since being promoted to Cerner Recruiting Manager last year is even more impressive. His work ethic and drive for success are unparalleled. Ryan can always be counted on during work hours, off work hours, and weekends; he is always willing to do whatever he can to make everyone around him better and wants to see everyone succeed.   

ALKU is lucky to have an exemplary employee like yourself, and I am most fortunate to have worked with you for those years. This promotion makes me so happy and proud of you, and I cannot wait to see what other success will come your way!   

Congrats RB!!!! So well deserved, my man!!!” – Tim Lysaught  

“There is no such thing as “B-game” or “average” with Ryan…it is merely only A-game with this guy. You honestly cannot say enough great things about RB and the effort he brings daily to ALKU. Since day 1 for him, he has been nothing short of the most consistent, reliable, hard-working, and dedicated employee that this company is fortunate enough to have. This promotion to Senior Manager for RB is just another steppingstone to what he will ultimately become here.  

ALKU is a company full of the most high-performing outliers that this industry has to offer…it is what makes us unique as a collective group. And while that is the case, Ryan still manages to stick out amongst the crowd. You know exactly what I mean for those who have been fortunate enough to work alongside him because watching him work is nothing short of eye-popping.  

There have been countless moments throughout our almost-6-year career with one another that have made me say ‘wow’. His work ethic, desire for success, and just the care he possesses are unbelievable. We all thank you for what you do every day, Ryan, and for always challenging everyone around you to make them even better than they were the day before.  

Congratulations, RB…excited to watch you make this next role look easy, as you have with every role before it. Cheers, brotha!” – Tyler Bush  

“Ryan Brennan is one of the most reliable human beings I’ve ever encountered. He has a relentless work ethic and a ton of skill to go along with it. His ability to handle the workload that comes with recruiting in Cerner and the company’s biggest recruiting team is no easy task. Ryan has a unique ability to handle a ton of stress and not miss a beat. He can build trust with his team and inspires them to hit their potential. In 2022, Ryan has shown he not only can recruit and run a successful team—he has now shown he can develop leaders at a ridiculous pace! Cheers to a hell of a year, and congratulations on your promo- well deserved!” – David Tuell