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Sabrina Arguello Promoted to Payroll Manager

March 07, 2023


Sabrina started her ALKU career in January 2021 and immediately began to make an impact and build her department from the ground up. She revamped every process to be more efficient and helped set her team up for success. Today, you can find evidence of Sabrina’s input in every aspect of Payroll’s world. She has improved processes and made her team even more efficient. Additionally, she has traveled to every office to improve efficacies across every department.   

Outside of her role, she is a member and leader of ALKU’s Unity Employee Resource Group (ERG) and consistently provides opportunities for her team to celebrate their own culture. She also prioritizes participating in College Relationship Development and Internal Recruiting events. Additionally, Sabrina ran the Boston Marathon in support Mass Mentoring Partnership.   

In her new role, Sabrina will oversee the External Payroll Processing team and its initiatives. She will continue to expand her reach as ALKU’s growth takes the department to new heights.   

Congratulations Sabrina! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this new role!  

The day has finally arrived, y’all! I couldn’t be more proud of Payroll’s resident southerner and everything she has already accomplished in her ALKU career. I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent the last few years working closely with Sabrina for various reasons. First and foremost, it’s impossible to quantify her positive impact on the people around her. Sabrina knows how to bring out the best in people, whether as a coworker or a fellow human being. Her approachability and kindness have allowed her to establish some of the strongest relationships I know of… so much so that she’ll often begin a 1 on 1 by telling me that she went out and recruited another mentor for herself. This commitment to improving herself as an ALKU employee has shone brightly since day #1, but her accountability as a leader sets her apart. The level of care and passion Sabrina shows for her people is second to none, and the star-studded Payroll team directly results from that.  

Of all the things that impress me about Sabrina, her commitment to producing at the highest level has never wavered, regardless of the task at hand. It really is a privilege for me to write this knowing that the Payroll team will only get stronger and more efficient with you in charge. The balancing act you perform every week doesn’t get the credit it deserves, but ALKU (and I) can rest easy knowing our paychecks are in your hands. Congratulations, Ms. B!” – Nick Dempster  

Sabrina! Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to Payroll Manager. Watching you grow and develop these last two years has been a pleasure. You are a ball of energy, always keeping us on our toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You care so much about your people, and I know that this, along with your dedication and drive, will make you such a strong manager. Thanks for always being your sweet, sweet southern belle self and giving Nick a taste of his own medicine. Congrats B! So excited for you!” – Kayla Morrison  

It’s crazy to believe that Sabrina has only been at ALKU for a little over two years. Since coming in, she has greatly impacted the Payroll team and ALKU’s culture. Having worked closely with Sabrina over the past few years, I have learned that she is one of the most passionate employees here. Anyone can tell by speaking with her that she cares so much about the work she is producing and the people she is developing. She lights up when she speaks about her employees and their successes in their careers. Sabrina is someone that will compliment and give credit to her team before she does so to herself. Her care, attentiveness, and Have Fun Working Hard® attitude make her a perfect addition to ALKU’s Leadership team. Sabrina is also a leader of the Unity ERG, where she continues to be a familiar face and a sounding board and makes an impact on our employees of color at ALKU.  

Sabrina, it is so clear that you have put so much dedication, hard work, and commitment into your role and your team at ALKU. I am so excited to congratulate an awesome co-worker and friend! I can’t wait to see how you continue to grow into this role!” – Maddie Eldridge