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Sales Success: Alex Rosen

December 06, 2023


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Starting a career in sales can be exciting and intimidating, especially for recent college graduates. Alex Rosen, now a successful Workday HCM Account Manager, shares his ALKU career path from Intern to full-time employee, shedding light on his experience and insights gained through ALKU’s Internship Program.

Career Plot Twist

Alex’s ALKU career began with a unique twist. He accepted a full-time offer before completing his senior year and was offered the opportunity to intern for two months leading up to his start date. This unconventional path allowed him to meet future coworkers and alleviate pre-full-time nerves. Under the guidance of his Training Center Manager, Mike King, who shared his alma mater, Alex found a supportive mentor who made the transition seamless.

Virtual Training Center Alumni

Prior to his time in ALKU’s Virtual Training Center (VTC), Alex hadn’t interned or been in an office setting before. Morning meetings in the VTC, Slack channels, and other social aspects showed him why ALKU’s motto is “Have Fun Working Hard®,” coming out of college with the idea of a corporate job can be intimidating. Working with Mike and the other Interns changed Alex’s perspective and made him look forward to working full-time.

A Day in the Life of a Workday HCM Account Manager

As a Workday HCM Account Manager, Alex’s day involves a mix of responsibilities, to name a few; calling clients, tracking pipelines, facilitating interviews, and closing deals. Alex’s goal is to understand the needs of clients, track upcoming opportunities, and turn them into jobs to place consultants effectively.

For students considering ALKU’s Internship Program, Alex offers straightforward advice; it’s the best decision you can make as a college student. Take the first step towards success and apply for a spot today.