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Sales Success: Ali Carney

October 23, 2023


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Medical Device Engineering, Validation & Software Recruiter, Ali Carney is someone to watch! She was influenced to apply by her friend, Medical Device Regulatory Affairs Recruiter, Cameron Cordaro. That one conversation was nearly two years ago and has led her to a career path full of success.

The Early Days

Ali is the perfect example of the phrase, “hard work pays off.” When she started at ALKU, she was given all the tools for success by her Mentor, who started in the same exact position. ALKU is a motivating culture, and Ali used her tools and worked hard for her growth. It all paid off when she hit her first sales milestone; that was when it all clicked, and her success took off.

Her Biggest Supporter

To quote Ali, “My Manager, Sidora [Van Etten], is truly the best there is.” Not only did Sidora show Ali the ropes, but she held her accountable to help her reach her full potential (and still does to this day). Sidora celebrates Ali’s big wins and small victories and challenges her daily to get to the next level. Her guidance, combined with Ali’s grit and hard work, has all the makings of a bright future.

The Erika Maher Effect

In addition to Sidora’s support, Ali has the support of Recruiting Trainer II, Erika Maher. In Ali’s words, “Erika truly blessed me.” Erika helped Ali overcome her weaknesses and showcase her strengths, and the result of working with Erika was reflected in the growth of her business. To this day, she still utilizes the tips and tricks Erika taught her.

Ali’s success shows no signs of slowing down. She is working on continuing to grow her book of business and has her eyes set on working towards ALKU’s Futures Program. Interested in kickstarting a successful career at ALKU? Take the first step by applying for a full-time position as a Sales Representative!