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Sales Success: Ashley Warren

May 13, 2024


Sales Manager, Data Science, Ashley Warren tuned into a popular morning talk show and heard Recruiting Manager, Workday Financials, Haley Ante talking about ALKU. She was a recent college graduate with no true path or plan and thought, “Wow, it’s pretty cool how much this girl loves her job and company – I hope I can feel the same someday.” Shortly after, the Internal Recruiting team reached out to her about a sales opportunity at ALKU; Ashley thought it was fate and responded immediately.

Makings of a Bright Future

Ashley started as an Epic Account Manager during COVID-19, when group morale was low. She held herself to the highest standards and worked hard for every accomplishment. In under two years, she proved she was a leader in every sense of the word and was promoted to Epic Sales Manager – an achievement she’s extremely proud of. A few months later, Ashley and her counterpart, Carly Flahive, were tasked with taking over the Data Science group and turning it into something extremely successful.

The A-Team 

When asked what excites her to come into the office every day, Ashley’s answer is a no-brainer: her team! They keep each day interesting in the best way possible. Ashley’s relationships with her manager, Shannen Ketenci, and team members alone have helped her succeed at ALKU. They believe in her, even when she sometimes doesn’t believe in herself. Shannen has created an environment where Ashley feels empowered to make decisions for the team, and her team has had nothing but faith that she has their best interests at heart.

Next ALKU Career Step 

The role of a Sales Manager involves teaching others what they know how to do. Ashley isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and show people how it’s done, and as a result, many Account Managers have flourished under her guidance. She strives to be the best businessperson and leader she can be. Ashley’s next career step to maintaining that is being promoted to Senior Manager. Developing desk-level employees is extremely rewarding, but she’s ready to start developing new leaders. Ashley’s career in leadership has helped her grow significantly as an individual, and she wants to help others do the same.

At this rate, Ashley will be a top sales leader one day! If you want to build a successful career, take the first step and apply to be a Sales Representative.