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Sales Success: Bri Maher

April 16, 2024


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Transitioning from Intern to full-time, Bri Maher knew she had to be the savviest, hardest worker she could be in order to stand out. Today, she is a Senior Manager who has relatable moments with the Interns she works with because, once upon a time, she was in their exact shoes.

Just the Beginning 

Bri started her ALKU career as a Quality Recruiting Intern in 2015 before going full-time in 2017. The hint of competitiveness in ALKU’s culture reminded her of the sports she played her whole life, which she wanted to continue post-college. She loved the culture combined with the opportunity to make money right out of college; after closing her first deal as an Intern, Bri was sold.

Leadership Status 

Bri is a thriving Senior Manager of not one, not two, but three teams! She positions ALKU’s UKG Pro HCM & WFH and Salesforce groups in the best way to excel, desk-level employees to hit their goals, and Managers to see a career for themselves at ALKU. Tapping into her creativity, she plays to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, holding herself and her people accountable while knowing she can truly influence the lives and careers of her people.

A Day in Bri’s Shoes 

No day looks the same for Bri. She seamlessly juggles the roles of Senior Manager for UKG Pro HCM & WFH and Sales Manager for Salesforce. Her days consist of getting DBAs in Salesforce, maintaining accounts in WFM, and working with many of the best Account Managers and two of the best Sales Managers. Her favorite part of the day is celebrating team milestones across all groups and Account Managers hitting their personal goals!

Bri has big goals for Salesforce and UKG Pro HCM & WFH, and we have no doubt they will achieve them! Are you interested in a career like Bri’s? Take the first step and apply to ALKU’s Internship Program.