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Sales Success: Cam Blackburn

June 20, 2024


Cam Blackburn first heard about ALKU through one of his good friends interning at the Amherst Training Center. While this originally opened the door, an Internal Recruiter reached out about an opportunity in the fall session of ALKU’s Internship Program to seal the deal. That fall, he started as an Intern at the Amherst Training Center, and today, he’s owning it as a Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation Recruiter.

Internship Experience

Cam was already looking to get into a sales role out of college when an Internal Recruiter reached out to him. He knew it would be a good opportunity to gain experience before entering the job market after graduation. After learning about the opportunity for growth and success along with earning potential, he was sold on ALKU. Cam’s Internship experience was great from the first day to his transition to a full-time employee; he credits his Training Center Managers, Adam DeGregorio and Philp Masotta, as they made sure every Intern that came through the program had a great chance at success.

Balancing School and Internship

Balancing being a full-time student and an Intern can be tough. The flexibility in the hours per week to fit his class schedule and the proximity to UMass Amherst’s campus was key to that balance for Cam. During the second half of his senior year, he already knew he was going to be a part of ALKU’s Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation team; this gave him time to start understanding how the group works, meet his new managers and team members, and start prepping for after graduation. On day one of being a full-time employee, Cam was ready to hit the ground running.

Life at ALKU as a Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation Recruiter

As a Pharmaceutical Technical Engineering and Validation Recruiter, Cam connects engineers with the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the country to complete projects that client’s need accomplished at that time. His team focuses on a variety of skillsets, and the consultants they speak with help on several different types of projects, including the manufacturing of a new drug product, transferring of the manufacturing equipment from one facility to another, or anything in between. The next step for Cam is deciding whether he wants to try and become a part of ALKU’s Future’s Program or go the Senior Recruiter route.

At this rate, Cam is going to succeed on either route! Are you looking for a new sales career? Take the first step towards a fresh start by applying to be a Sales Representative.