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Sales Success: Charlie Nevejans

October 16, 2023


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Charlie Nevejans is the perfect example of what hard work paired with passion can produce. Throughout his ALKU career, Charlie has developed numerous sales individuals and turned them into leaders. He has been instrumental in the growth of ALKU’s Pharmaceutical division from a Revenue and personal standpoint.   

Before he was a staple in the Pharmaceutical division, he was an Intern at ALKU’s Durham Training Center. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see where it all started…  

The Unconventional Sales Role   

Charlie was introduced to ALKU as a sophomore at UNH while he was attending the Paul School of Business and in the Sales Club. When he first heard about ALKU, he almost walked away; he had grandiose visions of taking clients golfing and having a traveling sales position. By the end of his first day, Charlie was glad he gave it a chance!   

He saw how hardworking and motivated everyone was and how fun they were to be around. Charlie quickly realized the opportunity to make commissions and job responsibilities mirroring full-time employees were the most important things to him. In his words, “I felt so lucky; I fell into a position that was a perfect fit.”  

First Experience of ALKU Success  

ALKU Interns all have a moment where they realize they want to go full-time. Charlie’s moment came shortly after closing his first deal as an Account Management Intern. It’s easier to fully understand all the positive things you hear and success stories at ALKU once you’ve experienced a little for yourself. After Charlie closed his first few deals, he received support from across the company. The confidence in the professional growth that he experienced in such a short time as a college student solidified his desire to work at ALKU.    

Day in the Life as a Sales Director  

As the Pharmaceutical Sales Director, Charlie works to help define the vision and strategy for ALKU’s Pharmaceutical teams. He works with his teams’ Senior Managers and Managers daily to ensure they have everything they need to make themselves and their teams successful. Charlie’s favorite part of the day is spending time working alongside everyone in Pharmaceutical, helping with calls, and assisting his Managers work through any obstacles they’re facing.   

From Intern to full-time, Charlie has charged forward and stayed motivated when paving his successful career path. He continues to be an example for those looking to be successful at ALKU. Interested in interning with ALKU? Take the first step towards success by applying for a spot in ALKU’s internship program.