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Sales Success: Emily Finney

October 03, 2023


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Many factors influenced Emily Finney’s decision to go full-time with ALKU when she was an Intern; the opportunity she was shown in Oracle was the most prevalent. In her words, “I joined the team at the best time, and it’s been such a rewarding journey seeing what we’ve built.” We’re throwing it back to the beginning of Emily’s journey…

A Remote Internship Experience 

Emily was part of ALKU’s first remote internship program, before the era of the Virtual Training Centers. With a program built around virtual role plays, shadow sessions, and understanding the “why” behind the job, she laid the groundwork. While in the program, Emily strengthened her skills and learned from full-time Recruiters in various divisions. Armed with confidence in her skills and more motivation to achieve her goals, Emily was ready to start full-time.

The Go-To Recruiter  

A few months after being drafted, the group Emily started building her base in was dissolved. This experience taught her how to pivot and start from the ground up. During her senior year of college, she put her internship to good use, refining her recruiting skills and laying the foundation for long-term relationships. This gave Emily the ability to establish herself as the go-to Recruiter in her group before beginning her full-time ALKU career.

The World of Oracle Cloud Recruiting  

As an Oracle Cloud Recruiter, Emily’s day revolves around building and maintaining relationships with external consultants and educating them about ALKU. Success in her role is dependent on strengthening her current relationships with consultants while continuously adding new candidates to the Oracle network and submitting them for open jobs. Beyond her desk management, Emily actively contributes to the account management side by generating leads. Additionally, she is a member of ALKU’s Futures Program.

For this future leader, her journey is far from over. The next step in her ALKU career is continuing to grow Oracle Cloud’s network of consultants, driving business through lead generation, and collaborating with the leadership team to implement new ways to expand their growing group.

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