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Sales Success: John Tomaszewski

May 28, 2024


An Internal Recruiter reached out to John Tomaszewski on LinkedIn about a sales opportunity at the perfect time. He was looking for a new sales career, and ALKU’s company culture and earning potential were exactly what he was looking for. Let’s go back to when John first started…

From New Hire to Comeback Player

John started at ALKU while simultaneously working long weekends at his local diner. ALKU’s Oracle Cloud division was in its infancy, and he helped take the group from a start-up to a staple. Over the last three years, his manager and team members have become friends he can count on to contributing to his personal and professional development. John has become a vocal salesperson and a role model for other Account Managers, leading to his professional milestones. He was awarded ERP’s Comeback Player of the Year in 2023, mentored new hires, made Founder’s Club, and was recently promoted to Senior Oracle Cloud Account Manager.

The Pulse of the Oracle Division

The opportunity to be a leader in your group is priceless. John leads by example and is seen as a role model to those around him. He takes it upon himself to mentor new employees and enjoys seeing them benefit from his tips and tricks. He is proud to work at ALKU and has given his all to becoming successful to support himself and those he cares for outside of work. Described as “the pulse of the Oracle Division,” John is a leader who is calm during chaos, communicates effectively, and motivates his team.

The Next Milestone

At ALKU, senior-level employees are expected to be the best in the business, day in and day out. John embodies this expectation, consistently striving for excellence and never resting on his laurels. He is always looking for ways to improve and maximize his book of business. With his eye set on significant milestones, he’s focused on creating a sustainable book of business as a consistent high producer and mentoring three ALKU Interns this summer.

At this rate, John’s next achievement is around the corner! Are you looking for a new sales career? Take the first step towards a fresh start by applying to be a Sales Representative.