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Sales Success: Josh Steward

February 20, 2024


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Josh Steward started as an Account Manager in Workday, a new and developing division at that time. Despite having limited knowledge about Workday and staffing, he was ambitious and hungry to succeed. After building his book of business and laying a strong foundation, Josh was inevitably promoted to Senior Workday Account Manager.

A Fork in the Road

Before Josh’s promotion, he had to decide between two ALKU career routes: Senior employee or Manager. Motivated to excel in his role, he opted for the Senior Program. For Josh, accessing higher brackets, consideration for future expansion opportunities, and a flexible schedule made the Senior route the ideal choice.

For those standing at the crossroads between Senior and Manager roles, Josh encourages individuals to align their choices with their passions and strengths. The Senior route, in his experience, offers the autonomy to shape one’s success, explore creative opportunities, and contribute to ALKU’s growth without the immediate pressures of management.

ALKU’s Senior Program

Being a Senior-level employee signifies being the best in the business. This is proven through spread, continuous growth, and being among the top earners in the company. Beyond metrics and growth, it means setting the bar for excellence, helping peers, and acting as a role model and mentor.

Running a Senior-Level Desk

Josh runs his desk with similarities to his peers. However, the differences reflect a tenured schedule; it includes scheduled client calls, market research, collaboration with peers, lending a hand, and presenting new ideas to leadership. The most fulfilling aspect of his role is the ability to make a difference. His passion lies in helping others, leading by example, and paying it forward.

At ALKU, you don’t have to go into management in order to have a successful career. Apply to learn more about ALKU’s different career paths.