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Sales Success: Julia Scorese

September 12, 2023


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Privacy & Compliance Account Manager, Julia Scorese has experienced incredible shifts in her ALKU career. She started as a Recruiter, transitioned to Account Manager, and eventually switched to support another division before starting her own.

With each change, she gained new experiences and success to bring along into her new opportunities. Looking back at the beginning of her ALKU career, Julia’s sales experience and success started when she was an ALKU Intern.

(Epic) Internship Experience

Throwback to 2018, Julia was starting her internship at ALKU’s Durham Training Center with no intention of pursuing sales post-grad. It didn’t take long for her to realize that ALKU was what she wanted in a career. Not only her Training Center Manager, but the entire Epic team brought her under their wings and acknowledged her hard work. Throughout her three internships, what she loved most was the opportunity to close deals and contribute to her team’s success.

Starting Up Privacy & Compliance

The idea of starting something from nothing was extremely exciting to Julia. It’s what made her the most passionate about her role. She knew she had the trust and support of her group’s leadership team, coupled with being able to start up Privacy & Compliance with Delaney Nalen. To quote Julia, “Delaney’s talent, determination, and work ethic are unmatched.” There is no one else she would’ve rather done it with, the decision to launch this startup was a no-brainer for her.

Life as a Privacy & Compliance Account Manager

Fast forward nearly a year, and ALKU’s Privacy & Compliance division is thriving. Julia is responsible for developing two Account Managers while working alongside them to generate her own business and grow Privacy’s database. This means creating, maintaining, and strengthening relationships with new and existing clients.

From Intern to full-time, Julia has paved her successful career path with confidence and charisma. She continues to be an example for those looking to be successful at ALKU. Interested in interning with ALKU? Take the first step towards success by applying for a spot in ALKU’s internship program.