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Sales Success: Kristina Doucette

July 09, 2024


Kristina Doucette was referred to ALKU by Senior Sales Manager, Medical Device, Zach Canto. His mom, who is Kristina’s hairdresser, would rave about how much Zach loved working for ALKU. The stories she shared sounded almost too good to be true. Kristina decided to apply for an ALKU Internship, and six years later, she’s ALKU’s Recruiting Strategy Manager.

The Culture & The People

The earning potential at ALKU, even as an Intern, was the initial hook for her. However, it was the people and the culture that truly won her over. During her internship, Kristina looked forward to work every day knowing she’d have fun and be surrounded by colleagues who genuinely wanted to see her succeed. Kristina started full-time in ALKU’s Medical Device division, and a year later, was given an opportunity to help start and grow ALKU’s Talent Development team.

New Opportunities

After being in Talent for two years, Kristina was presented the opportunity to return to Revenue and had no hesitation in making the switch; not because she was looking to leave Talent, but because Kristina knew she would be successful in her new role given the experience and exposure through working within all Revenue brands. Kristina was practically bursting at the seams with new ideas and initiatives and saw this opportunity as a chance to act and put those ideas into motion.

Life at ALKU as a Recruiting Strategy Manager

As Recruiting Strategy Manager, Kristina oversees all recruiting strategies across the company. She continuously evaluates ALKU’s recruiting processes, trends, database management, and the tools utilized. Much of Kristina’s day involves updating ongoing projects, analyzing data, or exploring new ideas that could have come from a brand-new hire that just started, or from ALKU’s President, Andrew Bull. Regardless of the day’s activities, Kristina ends each day knowing she’s made an impact and looks forward to doing it all over again the next day.

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