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Sales Success: Kyra Anderson

March 13, 2024


In her ALKU career as Infor Recruiter Manager, Kyra embodies “high risk, high reward.” As one of the company’s top producers, she’s created power behind her name and is one to watch. She’s turned heads since she started, and they haven’t looked the other way since.

High Risk, High Reward

Kyra’s ALKU career started in September 2020, at the height of the pandemic, in a division that dissolved shortly after. After two years in the Oracle Cloud division, she was presented with the opportunity to start up Infor with Stephen Dowling. Kyra had been in a position of starting over before, so she thought, “Why not again?” After a year of discovering the market and building a base, they were able to hire and grow. The risk was worth the reward when she was promoted to Recruiting Manager, and Infor earned the titles of Division of the Year and Breakout Group of the Year in 2023!

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout her tenure, Kyra has been a part of three different Revenue divisions, and each presented a new challenge. To date, her most difficult challenge was leaving her book of business behind in Oracle Cloud to start from Infor from the ground up. Kyra kept her head down with a focus on following the process and being determined to succeed. She found support from her leadership team and friends at ALKU, who kept her mindset positive and made her laugh along the way.

Women Supporting Women

In 2023, she was awarded the AWE Spotlight Award for her ability to uplift women in the workplace and be a role model for women aspiring to be leaders. Kyra is the first to support the women around her by listening first and foremost. Truly listening has helped her relate, empathize, and engage with women on her team and throughout the company. She is genuinely excited when she sees these women succeed and achieve their goals—they make it easy for her to be a cheerleader!

Kyra is an inspiration to many women at ALKU for the success you can achieve in sales. Take the first step towards your own success by applying to join the ALKrew today!