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Sales Success: Marc Guerette

December 05, 2023


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Marc Guerette started as an Intern and has grown to become a successful SAP Account Manager. His career path is a testament to how ALKU’s Internship Program helps accelerate the success of full-time employees.

Career Catch-Up

Marc interned at ALKU for two and a half years before shifting to full-time status in 2021. Fast forward to the end of 2022, he secured a spot on ALKU’s coveted Founder’s Club. In 2023, Marc set ambitious goals – entering the Futures Program and achieving a new spread high. Proudly, he accomplished both and added a second time spot on ALKU’s Founder’s Club and the opportunity to mentor Interns.

Acceleration through ALKU’s Internship Program

The unique aspect of ALKU’s Internship Program lies in its immersive approach. Marc emphasizes that no one starts at ALKU with full understanding of the staffing industry. The program immerses Interns in the mindset of a full-time employee throwing them into the end-to-end sales process. This hands-on experience, coupled with building relationships, provided Marc with a head start upon receiving his full-time offer to join the SAP team.

The People & The Opportunity

Marc’s decision to go full-time was influenced by two key factors—the people and the opportunity. The supportive culture, where everyone cheers each other on during highs and provides a helping hand during lows, made ALKU feel like a second home. The unparalleled opportunity for young professionals to climb the ranks and achieve financial freedom by working hard further solidified Marc’s commitment.

His next step is to utilize resources such as the Futures Program and mentoring opportunities to become the best possible leader for the future. He hopes to have an immense impact on the professional and personal growth of others. Marc took control over his success; take control over your future success by applying for a full-time role at ALKU!