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Sales Success: Nick Bucchianeri

April 17, 2024


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Medical Device QA Account Manager, Nick Bucchianeri made a lasting impression as an Intern and has only built on that as a full-time employee. He is one of the first people in the office and one of the last to leave, always with a smile on his face. Since day one, Nick has strived for success. Fast forward a little over two years, and he is one of the top Account Managers. Let’s throw it back to where it all started for him as an Intern.

Laying the Groundwork

Nick’s ALKU Internship ignited his passion for sales and laid the groundwork for his future success. Despite starting remotely during the pandemic, Nick enjoyed making commissions and being trusted with responsibilities like a full-time employee. Once he was able to work in the office, he gained a deeper understanding of ALKU’s culture. Expectations were high, but so were the rewards, which was unlike any other internship he had heard about.

Facing Rejection

Going from Intern to full-time was a transition that Nick was ready for. He was confident in cold calling, handling rejection, and navigating difficult situations. Learning how to face rejection was the biggest thing that helped the transition. It’s the first hurdle any salesperson will face; learning how to do that in a supportive environment while in college set him up for success. Being able to conquer that fear showed Nick that the rest would come with an open mind and stepping outside of his comfort zone.

Mentoring Support

Nick’s Mentors have played a significant role in his sales career. ALKU, at our core, is built around mentorship at all levels. From his Training Center Managers to his first Mentor as an Intern to his full-time Managers, each mentor has contributed to his success every day, and he wouldn’t be the Account Manager he is today without their support and guidance.

As Nick looks ahead to the future, he has his eyes set on ALKU’s Seniors Program. Are you interested in kickstarting your success? Take the first step by applying for a spot in ALKU’s Internship Program.