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Sales Success: Nick Hegarty

May 14, 2024


Nick Hegarty’s ALKU career began with a simple referral from a college suitemate. While completing his senior year at Stonehill College, he heard about ALKU’s reputation for excellence from his friend who had already joined the company. Despite initial plans elsewhere, Nick completed his interviews successfully and joined the ALKrew.

The Role Change Record

If there was an ALKU role change record, Nick would hold the title! When he first started, he struggled with account management and found success in recruiting. He was intrigued by a role dedicated to helping others get ramped up, and Talent Development was the perfect spot for this. While in Talent, he uncovered a passion for bringing hires up to speed, which inspired his transition back to Medical Device. Today, he is back to his roots with his sights set on a revenue management position to grow his own people in the future.

Life at ALKU as Medical Device Quality Assurance Recruiter

A typical day in Nick’s role involves a blend of proactive and reactive tasks. Proactively, he finds consultants for upcoming projects and builds a network of individuals with core skillsets related to Medical Device Quality Assurance. Re-actively, Nick recruits for jobs his team is trying to fill or open times for interviews to support client needs.

Future Aspirations

Throughout his tenure at ALKU, Nick experienced pivotal moments that have shaped his career. From overcoming initial struggles in account management to achieving notable successes as a Recruiter and Trainer, each experience has contributed to his growth. Mentored by supportive managers in Revenue and Talent, his confidence and skills have culminated in significant sales milestones and spearheading initiatives like ALKU’s DREAM ERG. Looking ahead, Nick’s sights are set on being promoted to Medical Device Recruiting Manager. This is a goal driven by his passion to help others grow in their careers.

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